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Caffeine Content of Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee

caffeine content of pabst blue ribbon hard coffee


Known for being the beer of the south, at least in most country songs, Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR for short) launched their hard coffee malt beverage in 2019.

PBR combined arabica and robusta coffee with alcohol to create a unique beverage for those who like both alcoholic beverages and energizing coffee.

So just how much caffeine is actually in one of these drinks?

What is the caffeine content of Pabst Blue Ribbon's Hard Coffee?

PBR Hard Coffee has 30 mg of caffeine per 11 oz can or 2.7 mg per ounce. The caffeine comes naturally from the coffee added to the drink and not from added synthetic caffeine.

 Serving Size Caffeine (MG) Sugar (G)
11 oz Can 30 30

Is PBR's Hard Coffee Caffeine Content Considered High?

PBR's Hard Coffee's 30 mg of caffeine per can is relatively low for a caffeinated beverage. In compression your average coffee has between 90 and 120 mg per 12 ounce cup.

While the caffeine is naturally occurring those drinking this should do so with caution as it is still an alcoholic beverage coming in at 5% ABV per can. This puts it on par with most light beer options.

Ingredients In PBR Hard Coffee:

Arabica and robusta coffee beans, creamy milk, and sweet vanilla flavor. Also includes 5% ABV of alcohol.

Comparison to other drinks

Caffeine Content MG of Caffeine
Black Insomnia Coffee 1105
Bang Energy 300
Coca-Cola Classic 34
PBR Hard Coffee 30

Is PBR's Hard Coffee Sugar Content Considered High?

According to Heart.org, the average adult should consume no more than 30-40 grams of sugar per day. Since PBR Hard Coffee has 30 grams in just one can, drinking more than one a day is not considered a healthy option and can lead to weight gain and other sugar related health issues.

One can of PBR Hard Coffee also has over 200 calories which makes it a less than ideal option for those looking to cut calories. If sugar is a concern you may want to check out their zero sugar option.


How Do We Know The Caffeine Content?

Our staff uses several methods to find and compile caffeine content. We check the manufacturer or brands website, packaging, other published online resources including medical publications and if all else fails emailing the brand directly.


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