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Reviewed: Harry & David Butterscotch Caramel Coffee

Harry & David is one of the most well known online premium food gift retailers. Well known for their Moose Munch brand of flavored popcorn. Did you know they also have their own line of gourmet specialty coffees?

Harry & David Butterscotch Caramel Coffee Review

The Flavor Profile of this Coffee Selection:

One of the more popular flavors from Harry & David,  the Butterscotch Caramel brings memories of grandma's candy. (How did she always have one in her pocket?) A sweet flavor that almost doesn't require any creamer especially if you prefer black coffee. Perfect for those who like their coffee a tad on the sweeter side and want some flavor without processed sugars of most flavored creamer options.


How is The Aroma?:

As good as the flavor is coffee has one of the better aromas you will find. Before opening the bag you will be hit with a sweet butterscotch scent that will tempt you to start shoveling the grounds in your mouth. We do however suggest brewing coffee with them instead. This is one flavor we can smell through the shipping box and really makes you consider ditching the coffee creamer or milk. 


The Roast/Beans in this Coffee:

This coffee does not specifically state what coffee beans are used. So we have to assume this is a general blend. While you will taste the natural sweetness of Arabica there likely is some Robusta (See our blog about Robusta ) mixed in. The flavoring covers any bitterness the Robusta beans provide. Mixing Robusta and Arabica will combine the sweetness of the Arabica bean with the higher caffeine content found in Robusta. So really its a win, win.


The Caffeine Content:

This coffee has your standard caffeine level found in almost all grocery store coffees with a slight increase from the blend mentioned above. This will do the trick for a slight pick me up but will not compare to the stronger coffees on the market. Expect the caffeine content to be around the 120mg per 12oz cup.


How We Suggest Brewing this coffee:

The grind of this coffee is better suited for drip brewers along the lines of a Mr. Coffee. However, we brewed used an AeroPress Brewer and found the grind level was suitable and produced a quality flavor without much bitterness. For full flavor extraction we always suggest using a pour over method of brewing. 

Packaging (Style or Bags Used):

All Harry & David bagged coffee comes in a standard 12oz bag with a tie strap to seal the bag after opening. The bag also has a one way valve to allow the built up post roast gases to escape keeping your coffee fresher longer. 

Where to Buy This Coffee Online:

You can find the Butterscotch Caramel from Harry & David on Amazon or you can check out all of our Harry and David Coffee options. Click Here


Harry & David Butterscotch Caramel Coffee


Overall Coffee Rankings (1-10)

  • Flavor: 8
  • Aroma: 10
  • Roast/Beans: 6
  • Caffeine Punch: 3
  • Packaging: 8
  • Overall Average: 7



  • Really good flavor and aroma from this coffee. 
  • Enough flavor present to avoid using creamer if you enjoy a nice black coffee. 


  • Blend of arabica beans. So no clear indication of region. Not a single origin.
  • Harder to find flavor...for some reason. 


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