Kahlua Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee - 12 Ounce

Kahlua Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee - 12 Ounce


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Introducing Kahlua Hazelnut Ground Coffee, the perfect blend of rich coffee flavor and sweet, nutty hazelnut. Made with high-quality Arabica coffee beans and blended with the delicious taste of Kahlua, this coffee is sure to satisfy your cravings for a delicious and indulgent treat.

Each sip of Kahlua Hazelnut Ground Coffee offers a rich, smooth coffee taste with a sweet and nutty hazelnut finish. The aroma is warm and comforting, making it the perfect way to start your day or unwind after a long one.

Kahlua Hazelnut Ground Coffee is easy to brew and perfect for any coffee lover. Simply add a scoop to your coffee maker or French press, and enjoy a delicious and indulgent cup of coffee in minutes.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the rich, indulgent taste of Kahlua Hazelnut Ground Coffee today and experience the ultimate coffee indulgence.

  • Non-alcoholic version of your favorite coffee liqueur
  • 12 oz. resealable bags
  • Made in the USA

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