What Are Four Types of Coffee Beans? Yes, there's Four.

What Are Four Types of Coffee Beans? Yes, there's Four.

Sean Gregory
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Do you love your morning coffee? Have you ever noticed while passing the coffee aisle of your local grocery store that several coffee brands are present there, but all of them possess one thing in common, they all contain Arabica Beans?

What’s the reason behind this? In this 21st century, we have got so many varieties in all products but none in the coffee beans. Nobody likes eating the same meal daily for the rest of their life.

However, several multinational coffee companies are feeding us the same coffee beans, and we are doing nothing about this. You may be wondering do other types of coffee beans exist. Yes, they do. Let's learn about four different types of delicious beans.

Arabica Coffee Beans

These are the most popular type of coffee beans. In fact,  it is believed that more than 60% of the world's coffee is made up of Arabica beans.

Arabica beans are the most expensive. The main reason behind this is that they are hard to grow and require much more care during the growing period.

Generally, all coffee beans are grown in the bean belt region of the world. This region comprises of more than 50 countries around the globe between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

The unique selling point of all the big coffee brands is that they contain 100% Arabica Beans. This is because these are considered to be of the utmost quality. They are famous for their smooth, complex flavor.

They also provide a softer taste, with tones of chocolate and nuts.

Robusta Coffee Beans

These are the second most consumed coffee beans around the world. Historically these were grown in sub-Saharan Africa. But as time passed, these are mostly grown in the African and Indonesian regions.

Robusta Coffee Beans are easier on the pocket as compared to other beans. However, these are harsher because of their unique ability to grow at lower altitudes. Generally, coffee lovers think that Robusta Coffee is harsher and bitter in taste.

The Robusta beans possess caffeine in higher quantities, usually up to 4 times more caffeine. This is due to the taste of the coffee being more powerful and bitter and their need to use caffeine to ward off insects since robusta grows closer to the ground.

Are robusta beans really sub par to Arabica or is it just marketing? We cover that topic in our Robusta coffee beans article.

Liberica Coffee Beans

The third type of coffee beans is Liberica. They are famous for their unique aroma, consisting of floral and fruity notes. They have a bold, smoky flavor profile.

Liberica Coffee Beans were mostly found in the native central and western Africa- Liberia, to be precise. As time passed, countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines started harvesting Liberica Coffee Beans in larger numbers.

Researchers suggest that more than 90% of coffee yield in Malaysia comprises Liberica Coffee Beans. Some people believe the taste of this coffee resembles that of burnt garbage. However, others can’t get enough of the unusual, nutty, and woody flavor.

Excelsa Coffee Beans

The fourth most commonly consumed major type of coffee bean is Excelsa. These coffee beans are mostly grown in Southeast Asian countries and are considered a variant of Liberica Beans.

Excelsa Coffee Beans contain a tart and fruity flavor—which are flavors reminiscent of a light roast. The caffeine level and aroma present in this coffee are lighter as compared to other beans.

Trying the Different Coffee Beans

Life is all about being adventurous and exploring new things. Imagine if the Wright brothers had been afraid of flying, Neil Armstrong was terrified of going to space, or Usain Boult stopped running as he was terrified of tripping, then they wouldn’t have been able to live their life to the fullest.

Similarly, in all aspects of life, one needs to be adventurous and try new things, like drinking a cup of coffee containing different beans. One can’t know what they actually like until he hasn’t tried everything. Live your life to the fullest and keep enjoying your hot cup of delicious coffee every morning.

The great thing about coffee is that each person has a unique flavor pallet and different beans from various regions and roasters will all taste different to each person.

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