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How Much Caffeine Is In Twisted Tea Hard Tea's

How much caffeine is in twisted tea hard tea

What is the caffeine content of Twisted Tea?

Hard iced tea's have gained popularity in recent years and Twisted Tea is one of the most popular canned versions on the market. You may wonder if it actually contains tea and caffeine? 

A 12 ounce can of Twisted Tea will contain roughly 30 mg of caffeine. This is very similar to a cup of black tea brewed without any alcohol.

Is Twisted Tea Made With Actual Tea

Unlike the other popular hard tea version called a Long Island Iced Tea, Twisted Tea does contain real tea. It is brewed using real black tea leaves. This is where the caffeine content of Twisted Tea comes from.

Is Twisted Tea's Caffeine Content Considered High?

At 2.5 mg of caffeine per ounce and 30 mg for the entire can the overall caffeine content of Twisted Tea is considered to be low. A typical 12 ounce cup of coffee for comparison will contain between 90 and 180 mg of caffeine.

Since the FDA states 400 mg of caffeine to be generally considered as safe for healthy adults, drinking these should not be an issue. However we suggest limiting your intake due to the alcohol content of these drinks which comes in around 5% per can.


Ingredients In Twisted Tea Hard Tea's

Twisted Tea is made with real brewed tea, natural flavors and a malt base made from beer. There is a slight Lemon flavors and it does contain gluten.


Comparison to other drinks

Average Caffeine Content MG of Caffeine
Black Insomnia Coffee 1105
Bang Energy 300
Coca-Cola Classic 34
Twisted Tea 30

Is Their Sugar or Calories in a Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea's contain 23.3 grams of sugar per can and 194 total calories. There is also 25 grams of carbs per can. 

According to Healthline your should only consume 25 grams per day of added sugar for woman and 37 grams per day for men. Since Twisted Tea has 23.3 grams drinking just two cans in one day will put you over that limit.

Where Can You Buy Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea is not sold online at this time but it can be found in any beer aisle at your local grocery store or convenience store. Check out their website and their Twisted Finder to find locations near you.

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