7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Cold Brew Coffee

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Cold Brew Coffee

Sean Gregory
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Although cold brew coffee is not new to the coffee scene, we still find that many coffee drinkers either do not know what exactly it is or assume it is just another name for iced coffee.

While iced coffee and cold brew are both the same in that neither is hot coffee, one of them starts off hot while the other never reaches above room temperature.

So why are many craft coffee ships ditching iced coffee and adding cold brew to their menu? Well below we will give you seven great reasons.

But first.....what exactly is cold brew?

What Is Cold Brew Coffee and How Is It Made?

Cold brew coffee is brewed by steeping coarse coffee grounds in water for several hours. Most coffee experts suggest a minimum of 12 hours and all the way up to 24 hours depending on the roast and desired outcome.

Iced coffee, on the other hand, is brewed hot and flashed chilled by pouring over iced which of course immediately melts the ice. We will come back to this below.

Cold brew does take a lot longer to brew which is why you will often see a higher price point but we promise these seven reasons will make that extra dollar worth it.

Seven Reasons You Should Ditch Iced Coffee And Start Drinking Cold Brew 

1. You Get More Coffee Per Cup

One of the biggest benefits with cold brew coffee is you actually get more coffee and less water in your cup. If you were to order a large cold brew it would have significantly more coffee compared to iced coffee.

Why is this? Well remember above we explained that iced coffee is just hot coffee poured over ice to chill. Most coffee shops pack their cup with ice taking up a lot of space in the cup and limiting the amount of actual coffee you get.

2. Cold Brew Has More Caffeine

This is true for two main reasons. Since you get more actual coffee in your cup you will of course consume more caffeine compared to the watered down cold brew.

The second reason is cold brew is mad by steeping coffee in water for hours. This slow brewing method allows more caffeine to make its way out of the coffee grounds and into your water. Thus increasing the amount of caffeine in your drink.

3. Cold Brew Coffee Can Be Is Less Acidic

Compared to coffee brewed at high temperatures cold brew coffee will be less acidic as the slow brewing method and lower heat produces a smoother brew. It will also likely be less bitter.

This makes cold brew a better coffee option for those battling acid reflux

The types of beans used and the length you steep the grounds will have a direct impact on the ph level of your brew.

4. It's Easy To Make Anywhere

Since you do not need any electricity or fancy coffee brewer you can make cold brew coffee at home, while camping or in a hotel. No more making cowboy coffee over and open flame.

All you need is a pitcher or large jug, some water and a cool place. You can even make cold brew in mason jars

Ideally you would want to brew in a location that stays below 65 degrees for optimal cold brew results.

5. Cold Brew Is Better For The Environment

Since cold brew does not require any electricity or electronics to make it is naturally better for the environment and a more sustainable cup of joe. 

You could even take the coffee grounds and spread them in your garden to be even more environmentally conscious with your coffee.

6. Cold Brew Coffee Has Better Flavor

For those who do not like bitter and watered down coffee cold brew is the perfect drink choice for you. Aside from the obvious watered down flavor from the melted ice, cold brew is also going to be less bitter.

This means cold brew coffee will better represent the various roast or beans used in brewing and produce a crisp and smooth coffee flavor that no iced coffee can rival.

Cold brew is technically a concentrate and will have a much stronger coffee flavor profile.

7. Has All The Health Benefits of Regular Coffee

Since it is still coffee at the end of the day cold brew retains all of the various health benefits of all other styles of coffee.

This wonderful list includes a possible lower risk of heart disease, type two diabetes, weight loss, energy, mental focus, improved mood and more.


So there you have it. There is no secret that Americans love their cup of coffee and now you know why your next cup should be a cold brew. If you are on the go you can now find tons of ready to drink cold brew cans at just about every gas station and grocery store in America.

If you need an extra kick of caffeine check out Black Insomnia Coffee's Extreme Caffeine Cold Brew Cans.

You can also find tons of cold brew options on Amazon.


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