9 Tips To Enjoy Coffee Even If You Have Acid Reflux

9 Tips To Enjoy Coffee Even If You Have Acid Reflux

Sean Gregory
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Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages on the plant and for good reason. Many of us simply can not start our day without that power packed cup of caffeinated gold.

So what happens when you are a coffee-holic but also battle acid reflux on either an occasional or daily basis? Do you have to drop the coffee habit to avoid that unpleasant burning sensation that follows?

Luckily if your current cup of coffee has turned on you we have some tips so you can keep enjoying that cup of Joe without the misery.

But first lets look at what Acid Reflux is and how coffee can effect it.


What Is Acid Reflux?

In short acid reflux is when the acid in your stomach moves upwards into your esophagus causing a burning sensation (heartburn) usually after eating or laying down. 

Acid reflux can be triggered by many factors including smoking, caffeine, acidic foods, unhealthy fats and sugars in your diet, being overweight, hiatal hernias and alcohol.

Any of the above can cause excess acid to build in your stomach and many also weaken the valve muscle which is supposed to keep that acid from leaving the stomach.

How Is Coffee And Acid Reflux Connected? 

While coffee and the caffeine in contains may not be the cause of your acid reflux many studies have shown that acidic coffee can exaggerate the effects especially on an empty stomach. Coffee is a naturally acidic beverage which can lead to your stomach producing even more acid.

Caffeine may also have an impact although studies have been inconclusive. It is believed that caffeine relaxes the muscles at the end of the esophagus and the esophageal sphincter allowing acid to creep upwards.

So ready to give up coffee? We didn't think so. Here are some of our top tips so you can continue your daily coffee habit without the burn.

1. Choose A Darker Roast Coffee

While darker roasted coffees have the same PH and acid levels as lighter roast the process of roasting a coffee longer and dark releases a chemical which has been shown to inhibit the stomach acid production.

2. Drink Espresso Style Coffee

Espresso is brewed under high pressure and heat for a short period of time which lessens the acid that makes it's way into your cup. Espresso roast often contain Robusta Beans which naturally are less acidic.

3. Choose Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew coffee is made by steeping ground coffee in room temperature or cold water for between 12 and 24 hours. The lower temperature used and the long brewing process produce a less acidic coffee.

4. Drink Chicory Root Coffee

Chicory coffee is popular in the New Orleans region and is made using the roots of the Chicory plant which are roasted, ground and brewed into a coffee like beverage. Many companies like Cafe Du Monde make a delicious coffee made by blending chicory with regular coffee grounds for a unique NOLA experience.

5. Use Paper Filters With Your French Press

If you are a fan of French Press coffee make sure you use paper filters and not just the metal filter as the paper will help trap some of the acid.

This is one of the many reasons the AeroPress brewer has become so popular as it combines old school French Press with an easily added paper filter.

6. Choose Decaf Or Lower Caffeine Coffee

Unless your absolutely need to drink the strongest coffee's available, like Black Insomnia's Extreme Caffeine, try coffee roast with are either decaffeinated or contain much less caffeine. Typically darker roast will have slightly less caffeine than light roast.

Keep in mind decaf coffee does contain some caffeine and is not caffeine free. Choosing coffee which was decaffeinated using the swiss water process will also ensure no other chemicals made it's way into your brew.

Check out how much caffeine is in various drinks and foods.

7. Choose A Low Or Acid Free Coffee

Tyler's Coffee is one of the first and only truly acid free coffee's on the market and one we recommend for those with Acid Reflux as they have a regular and decaf version available and use high quality beans. Luckily there are many great low acid coffees available today.

8. Avoid Instant Coffee

Why the knock on instant coffee? Well most are highly processed and due to the fact it is highly concentrated coffee it will be more acid than regular brewed coffee. Some brands include other substances in processing which can aggravate the stomach.

9. Do Not Drink Coffee Before Bed

Any coffee close to bedtime will be trouble as you will combine the effects coffee and caffeine have on your stomach acid with lying down which will make it much easier for the acid to enter the esophagus.


So now that you know how to lessen or avoid coffee's impact on your acid reflux make sure to fire up that coffee brewer and enjoy a cup or two each morning. To further prevent any flare ups avoid adding sugars, synthetic flavorings and creamers. 

Choose low fat milk as it has shown to reduce acid reflux flare ups by creating a buffer between the acid and your stomach wall, according to Johns Hopkins.

Some studies have also shown that apple cider vinegar helps reduce acid production and acid reflux. Adding this into your diet can help keep your coffee habit alive and thanks to Goli they are available in gummies.


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