What Brand Is The Strongest Coffee In The World? (2023)

What Brand Is The Strongest Coffee In The World? (2023)

Danielle Leigh
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For years Robusta Coffee beans were thought to be the red headed stepchild to Arabica Coffee. Often incorrectly referred to as cheap and low quality. While many brands focused on Arabica, their end result was a sweeter but much weaker coffee. If you drink coffee as a way to flavor your milk, this is great. If your goal is to stay awake during those six hour zoom calls than most Arabica brands get roasted by their Robusta blends.


Sometime around 2016 the ballgame changed when Death Wish was introduced to the public as " The World Strongest Coffee". Their approach? Repackage Robusta Coffee beans into what they were meant to be. Ass kicking highly caffeinated cups of morning Joe.


How are highly caffeinated strong coffees made?

Robusta Beans tend to have 2-4x more caffeine per bean compared to Arabica. Specialty Robusta from select regions can have even higher amounts when carefully sourced and roasted.


Now the competition has caught on to the trend and a quick Amazon search shows some 20 companies claiming the "World's Strongest Coffee". We've done some digging to bring you the top five we could find.


1. Devil Mountain Black Label Coffee

Devil Mountain Black Label Coffee

Caffeine: A mind blowing 1555mg per 12 oz cup

Beans: Devil Mountain does not list their beans used.

Bonus Fact: Devil Mountain is the official coffee of the Sonoma Raceway.

Details: Black Label is listed as being Organic, Fair Trade and Non GMO.

Common Review Points: Strong bold coffee flavor with less bitterness than some other brands. No strong "flavor" beyond the coffee taste.

Website: Devil Mountain Coffee

Read Reviews On Amazon: Here


2. Very Strong Coffee Company

Very Strong Coffee Company

Caffeine: 1350mg per 12 oz cup

Beans: Very Strong Coffee uses 100% Robusta beans.

Bonus Fact: Considered the U.K's strongest coffee.

Details: Very Strong Coffee does not state if they are organic or fair trade.

Common Review Points: Intense rich coffee flavor. Not that bitter.

Website: Very Strong Coffee

See Reviews On Amazon: Here


3. High Voltage Coffee Company

High Voltage Coffee Company

Caffeine: 1150mg per 12 oz cup

Beans: High Voltage does not state the beans used other than "high quality".

Bonus Fact: Considered Australia's strongest coffee.

Details: Their website does not state organic or fair trade but does claim to be sustainably sourced.

Common Review Points: Dark roasted with intense coffee flavors and a subtle aroma when brewing.

Website: High Voltage Coffee


4. Black Insomnia Coffee Company

Black Insomnia Coffee

Caffeine: 1105mg per 12 oz cup

Beans: Black Insomnia Coffee uses Robusta with a 10% Arabica Blend.

Bonus Fact: Originated in South Africa before moving to the United States.

Details: Highest quality beans. Does not state if organic or fair trade.

Common Review Points: Bold flavor with notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut. Not bitter. Smoother roasted with the blend of Arabica.

Website: Black Insomnia Coffee

See Reviews On Amazon: Here


5. Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge

Cannonball Coffee

Caffeine: 1101mg per 12 oz cup

Beans: Cannonball Coffee uses 100% Robusta Beans from Rwanda.

Bonus Fact: Another super strong coffee from the U.K.

Details: Highest quality beans. Does not state if organic or fair trade.

Common Review Points: Notes of dark chocolate and toasted malt. More of a medium roast not for those who desire a really dark or bitter blend.

Website: Cannonball Coffee


How Much Caffeine Would Kill You?

We see this question a lot on coffee sites, Facebook groups and other google searches. The short answer is it depends on your personal caffeine tolerance, sensitivity and any allergic reactions to the stimulants. However, for a healthy adult who consumes caffeine from coffee (excluding powdered caffeine and pills) the estimated level is roughly 10,000mg or 10g of caffeine in a short time.

Black Insomnia Coffee breaks this down in one of their blog post.



Caffeine has a half-life of 6 hours, meaning that half of the amount you consumed will be out of your body within 6 hours. The other half will take another 4-6 hours to leave, so that means you'll need to wait 12 hours for complete clearance from your system. But this is just an average; some people may clear it more quickly than others due to individual factors such as age and genetics.


Final Thoughts on the Strongest Coffee's In The World

While highly caffeinated coffees have great benefits like increased energy, focus, performance and alertness they also carry the possibility of adverse reactions. Dizziness, diarrhea, insomnia, irritability and headaches can all be a sign of too much caffeine or a sensitivity to caffeine.


The above stated caffeine levels all depend on the ideal brewing methods and amount of grinds used. Methods that immerse the most grinds in water will extract the highest levels of caffeine. French Press, AeroPress, Turkish Style Coffee will all yield a much higher caffeine content than a basic Mr. Coffee drip brewer. Each company provides some guidance on their site for the optimal brewing approach.


Many of the brands above claim to be somewhere between medium and dark roast. The general myth is that light roast have more caffeine compared to dark roast. While true in some form, the beans themselves will have the same caffeine level regardless of roast. However, dark roasted beans expand which means a less dense grind. Measuring by weight and not scoops will negate any difference.


Other Notable Highly Caffeinated Brands to Check Out:

Whichever brand you choose expect to be bouncing off the walls and up till 4am. Side effects will commonly be extreme productivity, hearing colors or seeing sounds. Consult your doctor if your realize after driving to work in record time that your car is still in your driveway.

Warning: The above coffees exceed the FDA recommendation for caffeine consumption per day. Knowing your tolerance to caffeine and sensitively is highly encouraged before consuming these brands.


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