Jim Beam Bourbon Flavored Coffee - A Full Review

Jim Beam Bourbon Flavored Coffee - A Full Review

Sean Gregory
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Jim beam original ground flavored coffee

Jim Beam is an American brand of bourbon whiskey produced in Clermont, Kentucky. It is one of the best-selling brands of bourbon in the world. Now you can enjoy the smooth flavor of Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey as a coffee (Alcohol free of Course)

Jim Beam Coffee is available in five flavors representing their most common Bourbon flavor notes.

Currently Available Flavors:

  • Original Bourbon
  • Vanilla Bourbon
  • Cinnamon Stick
  • Spiced Honey
  • Dark Roast
Overall Rankings
Score (1-10)
Flavor 8
Aroma 5
Roast/Beans 8
Caffeine 3
Packaging 6
Average Rating 6


Jim Beam Coffee Flavor:

Bourbon Whiskey will often have a sweeter flavor than other styles of Whiskey. Often characterized as Vanilla, Oak or Caramel Notes. The actual bourbon flavor added to this roast is non alcoholic.

The original bourbon coffee has a very subtle bourbon flavor when brewed and enjoyed black. You can taste a faint flavor of vanilla as well. Neither is overpowering or in your face. This actually makes a good starter for mixing some actual Jim Beam in for an adult coffee.

Their Spiced Honey and Vanilla Bourbon follow the same profile above with respective hints of honey and vanilla. We found the Vanilla is very similar to the original with just a slightly increased sweetness. Their Honey does have a very subtle hint of honey flavor but it is not as noticeable as the actual bourbon style.

Jim Beam's dark roast is just that, a dark roast. The slight bourbon finish does give their dark roast a deeper flavor than other standard dark roast but it did not have the same bourbon essence.

Their cinnamon stick was our least favorite, mostly because it simply tasted like weak cinnamon and nothing more. For cinnamon fans this will be a good option but for those looking for some bourbon flavor this one came up a little short.



The Coffee Aroma:

When brewing you will get a faint smell that will match what you would expect from a bourbon. However the overall aroma is not going to fill the house like other flavored coffees. Hints of caramel and vanilla are present. However, this coffee is more about taste than smell.

Of their three flavored options the cinnamon will give off a much stronger aroma. We found the honey and vanilla to be very subtle.

The Roast/Beans Used:

Jim Beam is a darker roast with a quality rich coffee flavor under the bourbon flavoring. It is a blend of 100% arabica beans. Origins of the beans are not listed so we assume it is a blend. Using arabica with this coffee adds a little natural sweetness to the flavor.

Their dark roast is the true dark style but the other four flavors are likely a medium dark.

The Caffeine Level of Jim Beam Coffee:

Since this is 100% arabica the caffeine level matches most standard retail coffees found in any grocery store or McDonalds.

Check out our how much caffeine is in it section.

How We Suggest Brewing For the Best Cup:

The grind of this coffee is pretty consistent for what you find in grocery store coffee options. We brewed using an AeroPress Brewer and found the grind level was suitable and this actually had the best result in bourbon taste. Drip brewer style seemed to leave some of the bourbon taste behind.

Coffee Packaging:

Jim Beam's entire line is packaged in a standard 12oz bag with a resealable strap tie glued to the top of the bag. Their bags come with an air valve to allow gases to escape. Roasted coffee will typically create gas after the roasting process and allowing it to vent will keep your coffee from going stale.

The packaging has the famous Jim Beam logo you know and love.

Where to Buy Online:

You can find all of the Jim Beam Coffee flavors on Amazon or by visiting our Meadow Ridge Coffee Jim Beam Coffee Collection


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