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Best Ways To Store Tea to Keep it Fresher For Longer

Best Ways To Store Tea to Keep it Fresher For Longer

Jake Bonneman
3 minute read

When it comes to tea, freshness matters. Storing your tea the right way can help it stay fresh longer and taste better. Here are three tips for keeping your tea tasting fresher longer:

3 Tips for Storing Tea Properly

  1. Store tea in an airtight container. A canister with an airtight lid is ideal. This will help keep the tea fresh and prevent it from drying out. 
  2. Keep tea in a cool, dark place. Just like with coffee beans and grounds, sunlight and heat are the enemies of tea leaves as well. They can cause the flavor of tea to degrade more quickly. So, it’s best to store tea in a cool, dark cupboard or a pantry without a lot of temperature fluctuations. (In other words, don't store in a cabinet above a heat source like a stovetop or oven.)
  3. Keep tea in a dry place. Humidity can also impact the flavor of tea, so it’s important to store it in a dry environment. Plus many types of tea will absorb moisture and become soggy or breed bacteria.

By following these simple storage tips, you can help your tea stay fresh and flavorful for a lot longer.


Did you know loose leaf tea can actually last longer than tea in bags?

It seems counter-intuitive given the greater exposure to air, but many tea bags are filled with tiny leaves and/or tea "dust." Smaller leaves and bits of leaves expire before larger leaves. Why? Smaller leave pieces expose more surface area to sunlight, moisture and heat.


Does tea really go bad?

Yes, eventually. That is, it deteriorates with age.

Expired tea may not always present a safety issue, it may just taste stale. But just because you can drink something without getting sick doesn't mean you'll want to.

But with proper storage, you can enjoy your tea for a very long time after it’s been harvested.


Freezing tea isn't a good idea.

While freezing tea may seem like a good way to keep it fresh, it can actually damage the leaves and diminish the flavor, not to mention the potential to introduce moisture. So, if you want to keep your tea fresh and flavorful as long as possible, don't put it in the freezer (or the fridge).


How does expired/old tea taste?

Expired tea will taste flat, lifeless, and/or bitter. Even in cases where it won't make you sick, and/or when there is no moisture (and mold) involved,  it just won't taste good.

When stored properly, tea can last for many months—even years—without going bad. So, there’s no need to worry about your new tea going bad if you don’t drink it all within a few weeks or even months. Just be sure to follow the storage tips above and your tea will stay fresh for a long time!

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