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How To Make Cold Brew Tea (Or Iced Tea)

How To Make Cold Brew Tea (Or Iced Tea)

Sean Gregory
4 minute read

On a hot summer day, few things are more iconic than iced tea. When it comes to brewing, ice team can be as simple as pouring your favorite tea over ice and sipping it. However, there is another method for making iced tea that produces even richer, more well-rounded flavors without the risk of over-steeping.

Cold brewing is the greatest method for making iced tea, and it's just as easy as the standard hot-to-cold approach. It's actually simpler—and healthier!


Benefits of Making Cold Brew Tea

HEALTH BENEFITS: There have been numerous studies conducted on the health advantages of tea, including cold brew tea. Research has shown in several studies that it helps boost your immune system and there is more active Vitamin C in cold brew tea. While we cannot make any claims, it also has shown a vitamin B complex, which may help boost your metabolism, and vitamin D, which is important for bone strength.

Cold-brewed tea has higher antioxidant levels than hot brewed tea. Antioxidants protect you from the effects of pollution. According to studies, cold-brewed teas contain roughly half (or two-thirds) the caffeine.

NO ICE: While ice is commonly used to cool tea, it can also dilute its distinct flavor profile. Because the tea is chilled in the refrigerator, there is no need to add ice while cold brewing.

BALANCED FLAVORS: Brewing makes or breaks a cup of tea. If you leave the teabag in for too long, it will get bitter. If you take it out too soon, it will taste weak. You don't have to worry about timing when cold brewing. Cold water removes flavors more slowly and naturally, producing less bitter and cleaner tea than hot tea.

SUGAR-FREE: Cold brew tea is a preferable option if you want to eliminate sugar and calories. Because the cold brew process gives a sweeter flavor, no sweeteners are required.

KEEPING YOU HYDRATED: Cold-brew tea is an excellent method to stay hydrated, particularly on hot summer days. You can actually drink it instead of cold water without fear of unwanted consequences.

OTHER HEALTH EFFECTS: Herbal teas like chamomile are claimed to assist patients with irritable bowel syndrome and soothe their digestive systems, while green tea may lower the risk of various cancers. Organic tea eliminates the possible hazardous effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

With all these benefits, it's no wonder that people are looking to brew some cold tea, but how? Cold tea is brewed a little differently than hot tea. It is also much more forgiving, should you leave the tea in the longer you won’t get that bitter taste that you get with other teas.

Let’s take a look at some common ways to brew cold tea such as Twining English Classic Cold Brew Tea.


Quick Single Serve Brew

Place 1-2 tea bags in a 12oz glass or water bottle.

Allow the tea bags to steep for at least 10 minutes (or to taste).




1-quart filtered water, 4 tea bags, or 4 tablespoons loose leaf tea

Black and oolong teas should be refrigerated for 6-10 hours. While, herbal, white, and green teas should be refrigerated for 2-6 hours.

If loose-leaf is used, serve with a strainer.



When you are making any kind of drink, it is always fun to make it your own! Here are some things you can add to your tea:

  • Splash of Lemonade
  • Sliced cucumber
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Fresh Cilantro or Mint
  • Milk
  • Sugar or sweetener
  • Wedge of an orange or lemon

Cold-brew tea can be fun and enjoyable for all ages. Try some Twinings Cold Brew Tea or just about any other tea bag will do for this as well. Try different brewing times to come up with the tea that best suits your needs.


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