How to Get Hotter Coffee From Your Nespresso Machine

How to Get Hotter Coffee From Your Nespresso Machine

Jake Bonneman
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Nespresso machines are fantastic for making quick, delicious, single serving cups of coffee. But many people complain that the water doesn’t heat up as hot as they’d like.

The same sort of thing happens inside Keurig machines—the maximum temperature doesn’t quite reach the heights it normally would during a more traditional brewing/extraction.

Of course, there are reasons the manufacturers make them that way. In Nespresso’s case, they consider the temperature to be just right to brew without burning the coffee and producing a bitter tasting cup.

That’s great and all—nobody wants to experience bitter coffee face, obviously.

But most people probably don’t like having to gulp down all their Nespresso immediately after they brew it, before it turns lukewarm.

If you want to attempt to make hotter coffee in your Nespresso, here’s a quick “hack” you can try.

You’ll have to have one of the Nespresso Original brewing machines, or a different model that allows you to run a hot water cycle without running a deep clean cycle.


Hotter Nespresso “Hack”:

  1. Double check that the reservoir is full of water, and that there are no Nespresso pods inside the machine.
  2. Next, place a mug on the cup platform before you turn the machine on. This will run hot water through the machine.

Why are we doing this?

By running the machine with just hot water first, we’re giving the machine longer time to heat up before it kicks into “brew” mode on the Nespresso pod. You may have noticed this happening if you’ve made two cups of Nespresso coffee quickly, in a row.

  1. So the “final” step is to, just after the hot water cycle finishes, dump out the hot water in your mug, load up your usual coffee pod, and brew like normal.

Keep in mind that these aren’t official Keurig or Nespresso instructions—just a popular hack found on YouTube.

Still Not Hot Enough for You?

*Keep in mind that cold Nespresso output can also be a sign that your machine needs maintenance/repair.

Still find that your coffee cools down faster than you’d like? Try gently warming the mug before you put the coffee in.

With the steps we followed above, you can simply leave the hot water in the mug for a few minutes before you dump it out.

Of course, you’ll have to run a hot water cycle again to get the heat benefits, but this small amount of hassle might be worth it if your Nespresso coffee gets chilly in your favorite mug too quickly!


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