What Is Chicory Coffee and Why Drink it?

What Is Chicory Coffee and Why Drink it?

Jake Bonneman
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Ever heard of chicory? If you have… do you know what it is?

Many people have heard the word somewhere before—possibly in a health food store… or from that one episode of The Sopranos—but fewer know what the heck chicory is. Let alone what it tastes like.

What is Chicory Coffee, and Why Drink It?

Chicory is a great alternative to caffeinated coffee that has no caffeine at all. Unlike decaf coffee, which technically still has a very, very tiny amount of caffeine, the chicory plant contains no caffeine from the get-go.

Additionally, chicory coffee naturally has a lower acidity, making it easier on the digestive system, and less likely to cause issues with sleep.

Chicory coffee can be ground, brewed, and drank all on its own, or it can be mixed in with real coffee to add a complementary flavor.

What Does Chicory Taste Like?

How are the aroma and taste? Coffee-like.

Some people who have tried chicory have described its flavor as “earthy” and “woody.” Some people describe it as having slightly “nutty” notes as well.


Does Chicory Really Taste Like Coffee?

It tastes similar to coffee. At least, as similar smelling and tasting as it can be, perhaps, without actually being related to coffee.

It’s definitely complementary, which is why there are blended products available that contain real coffee along with the chicory.


Is Chicory a Good Replacement for Coffee?

Well, I’ll put it this way. If you can’t, or just don’t want to ingest caffeine due to health or personal reasons, chicory coffee may be your best bet as a “coffee replacement” drink.

If you aren’t completely against ingesting any caffeine, you might find that you enjoy the unique mixture of complementary flavors you get when you blend coffee with chicory.

By combining the two, you can end up with a flavorful drink that is less acidic and contains less caffeine, but still gives you an energy boost and true coffee flavor to boot—the best of both worlds!

What’s more, there are scientific studies that shows chicory could have digestive benefits as well as possibly improve/speed up brain function.

I’m definitely not going to go into all of the other purported health benefits of chicory, since many of them are unproven.

Research does suggest that people with pollen and/or ragweed allergies should stay away from chicory since it’s in the same family as dandelions. Other studies suggest that chicory is risky for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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