How to Make Espresso with an AeroPress Coffee Brewer

How to Make Espresso with an AeroPress Coffee Brewer

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If you love espresso, but don't love the price tag on fancy espresso machines, never fear!

The AeroPress is here to save the day.

This little multi-purpose, beloved-around-the-world coffee brewer gives you the power to make delicious espresso-style coffee right in your own kitchen.

Best of all? The AeroPress is so inexpensive—you'll almost feel bad for not paying more for it.

All you need is hot water, some espresso beans, and a good coffee mug. In less than a minute, you can have rich, flavorful espresso that rivals anything you’ll get from Starbucks.

Not quite ready to invest in a $2,700 Breville? Give the AeroPress a try. You just might be surprised at how good homemade AeroPress espresso can be.

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Can you really make espresso with an AeroPress?

The short answer? Basically, yes.

The long answer? Well, technically, it's not going to be "true espresso" which would have a layer of foamy crema on top. You can only get that with an espresso machine.

But you can use an AeroPress and espresso beans to make some delicious "shots" of very strong coffee, that tastes so close to espresso you probably won't hear anyone complaining (your wallet certainly won't be).

No, it won't be exactly the same as what you would get from a professional espresso machine, but it'll be pretty close!


How to Make AeroPress Espresso

First of all, to make espresso with an AeroPress, you'll need:

  • An AeroPress coffee maker
  • Ground espresso beans
  • A kettle or other source of hot water
  • A mug

Have everything you need? Awesome—Here's how to make espresso with an AeroPress:

  1. Boil water, and let it sit and cool for about 30 seconds. You don't want the water to be too hot, or it will make the coffee taste burnt.
  2. Fill the AeroPress chamber with ground espresso beans. The amount you use will depend on how strong you want your espresso to be.
  3. Place the chamber on top of your mug, and screw on the plunger.
  4. Slowly pour hot water into the chamber, filling it to the top of the coffee grounds.
  5. Stir the mixture gently, then screw on the lid and pump the plunger up and down a few times. This will create pressure and help extract the espresso from the beans.
  6. When you hear a hissing sound, that means all of the espresso has been extracted. Stop pumping and unscrew the lid.
  7. Push down on the plunger to dispense the espresso into your mug.


AeroPress Espresso Tips:

  • If you happen to have a milk frother, you can use it to add some foamy, steamed milk and make a homemade latte. If not, you can heat up some milk on the stove or in the microwave—it just won't be quite as decadent (read: foamy).
  • Or you can skip the milk all together, and just add a little bit of whipped cream on top for a delicious espresso-flavored treat.
  • Have some chocolate syrup handy? Make a homemade mocha with steamed milk, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream (and some more chocolate syrup on top of the whipped cream).

There you have it! You now know how to make your very own espresso drinks at home with an AeroPress.

Now there's no need to go to your local coffee shop every time you want a cappuccino or latte. As always, remember that practice makes perfect.

In other words—don't get discouraged if your first few attempts at AeroPress espresso don't quite turn out exactly the way you hoped.

With a little patience and practice, you'll be using your AeroPress to crank out barista-level espresso drinks in no time!


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