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How to Still Drink Coffee on the Keto Diet

How to Still Drink Coffee on the Keto Diet

Jake Bonneman
4 minute read

The keto diet is very popular right now, and for good reason. It’s been shown to help with weight loss, blood sugar control, and more.

But here's the important question: Can you still drink coffee on the keto diet?

The answer is...

Yes! (Thank goodness.)

Coffee is actually a great option on the keto diet—as long as you make sure of a few key things. Here are some easy ways you can still enjoy coffee on the keto diet:

You can always stick with black coffee.

This is the simplest and healthiest way to enjoy coffee on the keto diet. Black coffee is very low in carbs and calories, and it won’t affect your blood sugar levels. But obviously, we aren't all fans of drinking our coffee black. If you need to add something to your coffee, don't worry—there are plenty more keto-friendly options:

Use heavy cream (not half-and-half!)

Half-and-half has way too many carbs for the keto diet. But heavy cream is a great keto-friendly option. Just don't go overboard—trust me, a little bit of heavy cream goes a long way in a cup of coffee, and it’s not exactly healthy to pour half a carton of heavy cream into your coffee whether it’s allowed on the keto diet or not.

Use sugar-free syrups/sweeteners.

If you want to add some flavor to your coffee, try using a sugar-free syrup or sweetener. These can be made with keto-approved sweeteners like erythritol, stevia, or truvia. Just be sure to check the label, as some sugar-free syrups can actually still contain carbs.

Use grass-fed butter.

If you want a super rich, creamy coffee, try adding some grass-fed butter to your cup. This will add healthy fats and make your coffee more satisfying. Just be sure to limit yourself to 1-2 tablespoons per cup. It has to be grass-fed, though; regular butter will throw you out of ketosis.

Use MCT Oil

MCT oil is a type of fat that is metabolized differently than other fats. It can help you lose weight and maintain ketosis. Adding a tablespoon of MCT oil to your coffee can help give you an energy boost and keep you fuller longer. (See our guide to MCT Oil Coffee)

Use a Keto-friendly coffee creamer

There are now many keto-friendly coffee creamers available on the market. These are usually made with coconut milk or almond milk and can add some extra flavor and creaminess to your coffee. Just be sure to check the label, as some creamers can still contain carbs.

What about honey?

This one's tricky. Honey can be keto-friendly but only in super small amounts, and also depending on which version of the keto diet you're on. In fact, even this honey company answers this question with "The short answer: no" and "The long answer: still no."

While I've seen some debate about honey being keto-friendly in some forms of the keto diet (like 4:1 ratio), if a honey company says no—I'll defer to their opinion on the matter.

So there you have it—coffee is definitely still allowed on the keto diet! Following these tips will help you get your caffeine fix while staying in ketosis and getting all the benefits of the keto diet.

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