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What Is Pinon Flavored Coffee & Where Does it Come From?

If you've ever been to the New Mexico and Arizona regions, you may have come across Pinon Nuts and even Pinon flavored coffee. But what exactly is it, who makes it and why has it become so popular?

What Are Pinon Nuts?

Pinon Nuts for Coffee Flavoring

Pinon Nuts grow in the higher altitudes of the Southwestern United States. They are actually the seeds of smaller pine trees in the region. They prefer cooler regions and are considered at risk as the average temperatures in the area have risen over time.

Pinon Nuts are considered to have a superior flavor to traditional Pine Nuts and are larger in size. They have long been considered a seasonal staple of southwestern U.S. cuisine.

These nuts are considered to have saved early explorers from starvation and were an important part in Native American traditions as they would use all parts of the tree.

So What is Pinon Coffee?

Coffee flavored with Pinon nuts are a local specialty of New Mexico. There are only a handful of coffee companies making these unique coffee roast. One of the most well known is New Mexico Pinon Coffee. The name explains it all.

While the nuts are not exactly ground down and added to the coffee, NM Pinon has created a natural flavoring they add to their roasting process. This adds the unique nutty flavor to their coffee without all of the allergens that nuts contain.

The flavoring can be added to any coffee bean and is most commonly blended with Arabica coffee.

What Flavor Does Pinon Coffee Have?

Pinon nuts have a naturally rich buttery texture and flavor. Unless other flavors are added, the resulting coffee will have a nutty flavor and will likely be less acidic as compared to standard roast.

Expect a smooth brew just like chocolate without the unpleasant sharpness of standard coffee.

The best part? It will not taste like artificial or fake Hazelnut flavoring! Does anyone even drink Hazelnut coffee anymore?

When blended with the naturally sweet arabica coffee beans you will experience a unique natural nutty sweetness that coffee beans alone can not achieve.

New Mexico Pinon Coffee

Started in 1994 New Mexico Pinon is now the largest roaster in New Mexico. As the largest Pinon Coffee Roaster we figured it only made sense to showcase them in this post.

According to their website: "Each batch of our coffee is made with carefully sourced high-altitude Arabica coffee beans and custom-created natural flavorings to ensure each cup is smooth with notes of iconic Southwestern flavors."

Meadow Ridge Coffee Proudly Stocks New Mexico Pinon Coffee

Now you can enjoy this Southwestern Favorite shipped direct to your door anywhere in the United States! Have a prime account? You can also find all of their coffee on Amazon.


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