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How to Make Coffee Using the Pour Over Brewing Method

Pour Over Coffee Brewing Method

Is there anything more refreshing, stimulating and energizing than starting your day with a hot cup of coffee?

Well as coffee lovers if there was something better we wouldn't want know of it anyway.

There are many different options for brewing coffee. From the push button style of a Mr Coffee to the hands on methods like pour over.

As more Americans realize the quality of their coffee experience is all in the way it is brewed, these hands on methods are growing in popularity.

One very popular method among coffee enthusiast is the Pour Over method. Why? Well the benefits of pour over coffee are many. Most importantly you have full control over the quality cup you produce. Pour over brewing can really enhance the aroma, smoothness and balance of your cup.

This is assuming of course that you know what you are doing.

How to Make Pour Over Coffee in Just 2 Minutes!

First off here is what you will need to get started:

  • Pour Over (We use the Espro Bloom)
  • Paper Filters (These are optional)
  • Kettle, coffee pot or large coffee mug
  • 310 ml of heated water
  • Medium Fine Ground coffee - If Using Filter
  • Coarsely Ground coffee - If not using a Filter

Step 1:

Place your pour over brewer on top of a cup or carafe, making sure there is a good fit to avoid spillage. If using the paper filters, pre-wet and then insert into the pour over.

Espro Bloom Pour Over Brewing Guide

Step 2:

Measure out roughly 2-3 tbsp (16.5 grams) of medium-fine ground coffee and add to the pour over. If not using the paper filter make sure you use coarsely ground coffee to prevent the grinds from entering the cup below.

Espro Bloom Pour over brewing method

Step 3:

Heat your water to between 195-205 degrees (91-96 C). This temperature range will help prevent bitter coffee from over extraction. Pour in 1.7oz (50 ml) of water and wait roughly 30 seconds for the coffee to Bloom.

Blooming is the process of Carbon Dioxide releasing when hot water hits fresh beans....so a good Bloom means your coffee beans are fresh. This will also help extract more flavor from the beans.

espro bloom pour over coffee brewing method

Step 4:

Pour the remaining 8.8oz (260 ml) of coffee into the pour over. Make sure to do so while making even circles to wet all of the coffee grounds. This is extract more flavor and caffeine from the grounds.

Espro bloom pour over coffee method

Step 5:

Once you finish pouring the water your coffee is ready to go (just make sure all the water has made it's way through). Using the Epsro Bloom's thermal sleeve to protect your hand from the head, set the brewer on a dish to cool before washing.

espro bloom poour over coffee brewing guide


Once you taste your coffee feel free to adjust the above to your personal taste. If brewing a larger cup make sure to adjust the water to coffee ratio to maintain a strong coffee flavor. In our test 8-12 ounces of coffee was ideal to produce a consistent and bold coffee flavor.

Why Do we Love the Espro Bloom?

The new Bloom pour over features a unique design. The mico filter design is patented with 1500 small holes in a spiral pattern to help produce an even, balanced and delicious cup of coffee. The durable stainless steel design will keep the Espro Bloom a part of your coffee station forever.

Top Pour Over Brewers to Consider:


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