Keurig K-Select Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Brewer Review

Keurig K-Select Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Brewer Review

Sean Gregory
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For those of us who are die hard coffee drinkers, we take our brewing very, very seriously. So needless to say you expect the same from your machine.
However, not everyone needs a NASA grade coffee machine to enjoy their morning cup of joe. This is where the K-Select shines.
The K-Select fits nicely between the very basic K-Classic and the feature loaded K-Elite,  which also carries a heftier price tag.
This brewer is ideal for coffee drinkers who favor simplicity and a true one-button coffee experience without any frills and almost no clean up. (Is taking the pod out and throwing it in the trash even considered cleanup?) The fingerprint resistant surface is a nice feature to keep your brewer looking fresh and clean.
The K-Select with it's limited features is more of a bang for your buck style purchase. It has just enough for those who just want a simple cup and do not need extras like auto on, iced brewing and hot water only.
Our Meadow Ridge Coffee team gives the K-Select a rating of 4 out of 5. Below we will explain why we ranked it so high and what prevented the K-Select from the perfect 5 out of 5 score. 


K-Select Brewer Features

  • Model Name: K-Select
  • Water Reservoir: 52 ounces
  • Brewing Cup Sizes: 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz
  • Display: No digital display or clock
  • Controls: Button controls for brew strength and size.
  • Energy Saver Auto On/Off: Off only. No auto on.
  • High Altitude Setting: Yes
  • Strong Brew Option: Yes
  • Removable Water Reservoir: Yes
  • Water Filter Add On: Yes
  • Dimensions: 9.2"W x 11.6"D x 12.5"H and 7.6lbs


K-Select Brew Quality: 4/5

  • Brew Quality: For being a K-Cup machine the K-Select does a fairly decent job of brewing a quality cup of coffee. While pour over, AeroPress and other hands on manual brewing methods may out perform, the K-Select's strong brew option closes the gap and produces a fairly strong cup.
  • Brew Speed: In the words of Ricky Bobby, "I wanna go fast". The K-Select can brew a 12oz cup of coffee in under 60 seconds. This is one of the faster brewers on the market as it requires almost no heat up time before the brewing starts.
  • Brewing Temperature: The K-Select does not feature a temperature option like the upgraded K-Elite. Therefore all brews are the same. Since everyone has a different temperature preference, this is a bummer.
  • Strong Brew: If you prefer stronger coffee or are using extra caffeinated K-Cups, you can up the brew strength at the simple push of a button on this brewer.


K-Select Special Features: 4/5

  • Multiple Cup Sizes: The K-Select allows you to brew 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz cups. Unlike the upgraded K-Elite brewer, there is no 4oz brew size. So this brewer is not ideal for espresso style brews.
  • Hot Water: There is no hot water button on this model but simply running the machine without a K-Cup will produce hot water.
  • Energy Saver: Programmable off helps save energy when the machine is not in use. This version does not have an auto on option.
  • Maintenance Reminder: The machine will remind you when it is time to descale your brewer (Clean)
  • Iced Or Hot Coffee: The K-Select does not feature an option for iced coffee brewing.
  • Quiet Brewing: The K-Select is not silent but is much quieter compared to older models and other brands. This way you can brew without waking up the entire house.
  • Fingerprint Resistant Surface: The K-Select is made with a fingerprint resistant surface which will keep your brewer looking clean.
  • Wide Range of Colors: Unlike many Keurig models, like the K-Elite, the K-Select comes in a wide variety of colors like matte black, white, red, matte navy, oasis and red. So easily match your brewer with your other kitchen appliances.


Water Reservoir: 4/5

  • Medium Size: The K-Select features a medium sized water reservoir at 52 ounces. For smaller households this wont be an issue but for those who brew multiple 10-12 ounce cups you will need to refill about every 4-5 brews.
  • Removable Side Location: The side location is much easier to refill and access compared to the smaller brewers and their top or back location. The removable feature allows for easy refilling from the sink or fridge without the need to fill up cups.
  • Filter: There is no water filter included with this model which for those who live in areas with hard water is not ideal.

If you do not want to risk clogging your brewer over time we suggest using filtered water from a Brita, your fridge or distilled water.


K-Select PROS:

  • Brews a full cup in under a minute.
  • Energy saving options with an auto off feature.
  • Brew a stronger cup of coffee with a simple press of a button.
  • Durable design for long term brewing.
  • Fingerprint resistant surface for easy cleaning.
  • Keurig offers a 1 year warranty on their brewers. Just make sure to register on their website.


K-Select CONS:


  • Medium size water reservoir with only 52 ounces of capacity.
  • No LED or touch screen display option on this model.
  • Only four brew sizes and nothing smaller than 6 ounces. Not ideal for those who like espresso style.
  • Needle can break off if you press down too hard. Keurig does sell relatively cheap replacement parts. (Find on Amazon)
  • No water filter kit included to prolong your brewers lifespan.


K-Select Special Tip:

For a hot water brewing simply run the machine with the top down and no K-Cup in the holder. This will produce hot water for tea or any other need.


Who This Brewer Is Ideal For?

The K-Select is ideal for those who want a brewer with simplicity. Simple one push button style brewing with just a few upgrades to customize your brew.

If you have counter space to spare the K-Select will fit nicely and still take up less than the bulkier K-Elite model.

We wouldn't say this brewer is a budget conscious option, as it is more mid tier, but we are not afraid to call it one of the better bang for your buck brewers on the market.

The K-Select is great for anyone who likes larger cups (12 oz) or travel mugs as the drip tray is removable allowing your to fit your to go mug.


Who This Brew is Not Ideal For?

The K-Select is not suggested for those who want to make large pots, travel mugs or other large brew sizes.

Those who want a fully customized brewing experience or frilly extras like the ability to froth milk. The

Anyone on a strict budget. While the brewer is reasonably priced for its quality the K-Cups can run you around 50-95 cents per cup of coffee. Consider a reusable K-Cup attachment for lower cost brewing. You can find hundreds of options on Amazon.

Finally we don’t not suggest this brewer for office break rooms which see high volume or commercial use. You can find plenty of commercial style brewers which will not require constant reservoir refills.  


Where To Buy?


Final Thoughts:

As far as Keurig brewers go, the K-Select is a simple yet effective brewer which will fit nicely in any kitchen and brews an enjoyable cup of coffee at a simple push of a button.

Keurig has a solid reputation, warranty program and discounts on K-Cups on their website. Make sure to register your brewer's warranty on their website after purchasing.

We take our coffee seriously and you should too considering how the quality of the brew can make or break your morning. Compare a variety of Single serve coffee brewers on amazon and find the best fit for your kitchen and personal needs.


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