3 Spa Products You Can Make with Coffee at Home

3 Spa Products You Can Make with Coffee at Home

Jake Bonneman
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If you love the smell of coffee (and who doesn't?), why not incorporate it into your at-home spa routine?

And if you don't have an at-home spa routine, what are you waiting for? A little self-care can go a long way—and there's no better way to relax or restore than with coffee.

Coffee grounds can actually be used to make a number of different spa and beauty products, from body scrubs to candles.

Even if you're a total novice when it comes to DIY-ing, these coffee-centric recipes are all extremely easy to follow, and several can be made with things you probably already have in your pantry right now!

If you need an excuse to indulge in a little self-pampering, consider making one (or all three) of these coffee-infused spa products:

#1 - How to Make a DIY Coffee Body Scrub

You know all those skin products that advertise caffeine as a primary ingredient? Well, you can get the same benefits by using coffee grounds in a homemade body scrub.

Making a body scrub out of coffee grounds is extremely easy, even if you're not a big DIY'er.

There are plenty of more complicated recipes out there, but all you really need is:

  1. ¼ - ½ cup of coffee grounds
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Water

Pretty simple, right? Simply combine the ingredients, apply to your skin in the shower, and rinse off. The coffee grounds help to exfoliate the skin, while the coconut oil helps it to feel soft and moisturized.

If you have sensitive skin, or if you haven't used caffeine or coffee skin products on your skin before, do a test on a small area of skin to make sure your skin doesn't have a reaction before you use it all over. (Don't use the body scrub if you see any signs of redness, irritation, or allergic reaction.)

Tip: Try adding a little Himalayan pink salt or brown sugar along with the coffee for some extra exfoliation, or even some rolled oats for a soothing effect.

#2 - How to Make DIY Candles with Coffee Grounds

What's better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? Not much—so why not have that same scent wafting through your home all day long?

Making your own candles at home is a surprisingly easy DIY project, and you can get really creative with the scent combinations.

Although candle-making is fairly easy as far as DIY projects go, it's quite a bit more involved than mixing a coffee body scrub. So for this, I defer to these instructions from DIYEverywhere—she provides a full list of all the ingredients you need and walks you through the process step by step without overcomplicating it.

#3 - How to Make a Coffee Face Mask at Home

Tired of your usual face mask routine? Wake up your sleepy skin with a coffee face mask! (Sorry, I promise that was the last coffee pun... for now.)

Again, this is a pretty simple DIY project. There are a ton of different ways you can make a coffee face mask, depending on what ingredients you have on hand. These instructions for a Cocoa & Coffee face mask only require a little cocoa powder, a couple drops of geranium oil, and coffee grounds. You can either use leftover coffee grounds from your morning cup, or grind up some fresh grounds just for the mask.


Coffee grounds can be recycled in a ton of ways, and these caffeinated spa treatments are just a few of them.

So the next time you make pour over coffee or empty out that AeroPress, don't throw out those coffee grounds—put them to good use in a DIY project! If nothing else, your whole house will smell amazing.


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