Best Dark Roast Coffee (Our Top 3 Picks)

Best Dark Roast Coffee (Our Top 3 Picks)

Sean Gregory
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Compared to light roast and classic roast, dark roast is a stronger, more intense type of coffee. It has a bolder flavor that many people love, and other people find too strong. However, there are many people out there who are missing out on some of the best coffees out there because they think they don't like the taste—when what they actually don't like is the particular brand of dark roast they tried in the past.

Bad dark roasts (actually bad coffees in general) can have a burnt taste—but the best dark roast coffees are nothing like that. They're smooth, rich, and have complex flavor profiles that are incredibly enjoyable for coffee lovers.

Whether you're a dark roast devotee, or you're just curious about trying one, read on!

(And if you think you don't like dark roast coffee, we urge you to give it another chance with one of the coffees further down on this page!)

What Does Dark Roast Coffee Taste Like?

Contrary to popular belief, dark roast coffee is not just "burnt coffee." In fact, a lot of care goes into ensuring that dark roast coffee beans are roasted to perfection. If you haven't given dark roast coffee a shot because you're afraid it will taste burnt—you're in for a treat.

True, dark roast coffee beans are roasted for a longer period of time than light roast coffee beans. This gives them their signature dark color and rich flavor.

And compared to lighter roasts, dark roast coffees do tend to have a more bitter, earthy flavor.

But when brewed correctly, they can also be incredibly smooth and nuanced. The best dark roasts have a rich, robust, complex flavor perfect for those who enjoy savoring a "bold" cup of joe.

Misconceptions About Dark Roast Coffee:

  • Caffeine - One of the most common misconceptions about dark roast coffee is that it is higher in caffeine than other types of coffee. However, this is simply not true. The caffeine content of coffee beans is mainly determined by the variety of the bean, not the roast.
  • Acidity - Another common misconception about dark roast coffee is that it is more acidic than other types of coffee. Again, this is not true. The acidity of coffee is determined by the variety of the bean, not the roast. (What people are tasting is the more pronounced bitter notes, not acidity.)
  • Bitterness - While dark roast coffee definitely leans on the bitter side, that doesn't mean it can't be smooth. A good dark roast coffee should have a complex flavor profile with a variety of different notes, not just bitterness.

Best Dark Roast Coffees (Our Top 3)

If you're looking for a delicious cup of dark roast coffee, look no further than our list of the best dark roast coffees below. We've included a variety of different brands and roasts so that you can find the perfect coffee for your taste.

#1 - Black Insomnia Dark Roast Coffee

If you're looking for a truly bold cup of coffee, Black Insomnia's dark roast coffee is for you. This coffee is strong, intense, and has a very high caffeine content—in other words, it's not for the faint of heart. But if you can handle it, you're in for a real treat.

Besides its extreme caffeine content, Black Insomnia Dark Roast Coffee is also an excellent choice for those who enjoy a bold cup of coffee. This coffee is made with a proprietary mix of beans, roasted to perfection, that results in a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee.

The coffee has rich, chocolatey flavor notes with hints of caramel and nuts. And despite its boldness and caffeine content, Black Insomnia Coffee's dark roast is surprisingly smooth and not at all bitter. (That's why it's at the top of our "best dark roast coffee" list.)

#2 - Black Powder “One-Eyed Jack Blend” Dark Roast Coffee

"Dark and mysterious. This bold flavor will keep you guessing until it's time to refill your coffee mug."

That pretty much sums up Black Powder Coffee Company's One-Eyed Jack Blend. This dark roast is definitely a mystery—in the best way possible.  Made by a small craft roaster in North Carolina, this is one of the best dark roast coffee blends you'll find online.

The coffee has a robust—one might say "explosive" flavor and aroma. But there's also an underlying sweetness that makes this dark roast surprisingly balanced. With a velvety mouthfeel, this coffee is smooth and rich, without being too heavy.

#3 - Old Salt Coffee “Green Eyes Blend” Dark Roast Coffee

"With your bright green eyes looking straight ahead and a steaming mug of this dark roast coffee on board, you’ll be ready to get through the darkest nights. A tribute to those who operate tirelessly in the night, this veteran-owned coffee is big on flavor and caffeine."

Old Salt is a veteran-owned coffee company from Hawaii, started by Navy vets—who know a thing or two about coffee. And Green Eyes, their darkest roast yet, delivers a heavy-bodied, smooth mouthfeel, and notes of rich dark chocolate and cacao nibs.

Old Salt Coffee Green Eyes Blend is a smokey dark roast that is bitter but particularly well-balanced, making it a great choice not only for those looking for the best dark roast coffee, but also for those who like a smooth, chocolatey cup of coffee.


When it comes to dark roast coffee, we know that it's not for everyone. But for those of you who do enjoy a strong, full-bodied cup of coffee, these are three of the best dark roast coffees you'll find on the market today.

So if you're looking for a bold, rich cup of coffee, give one of these 3 dark roasts a try!

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