Reviewed: Harry & David Northwest Blend Single Serve Coffee

Reviewed: Harry & David Northwest Blend Single Serve Coffee

Sean Gregory
3 minute read

Harry & David is known for their delicious candied popcorn and specialty gift snacks. Does their coffee live up to the same hype?

Today our staff reviewed their Northwest Blend in Single Serve Cups.


harry and david northwest blend coffee

The Flavor Profile:

According to their website "Featuring smooth notes of hazelnut, praline, and cinnamon, the Northwest Blend Coffee is satisfying sip after sip."

To be totally honest, Praline is not usually a flavor we can ever sense in coffee, especially when brewed in Keurig machines. It just seems to always be the "other" flavor thrown in the title.

Now the hazelnut is definitely there. It is not overpowering but after the first sip, you will taste the hazelnut. Like most, the flavoring is likely artificial. It is rare to find any coffee with a natural nut flavor these days. (New Mexico Pinon does use real flavoring)

As for cinnamon, its there but subtle in the background. If not reminded by the packaging I may not have sensed the actual cinnamon. If you enjoy cinnamon flavoring adding some of your own ground cinnamon would be a great addition.


How is The Aroma?:

This is one of those flavors you can smell as soon as the cup is punctured by the brewer needle. When the hot water hits the grounds the room filled with a distinct hazelnut small (maybe Praline too? Who knows).

The aroma is stronger than the flavor itself but did leave a nice hazelnut coffee smell in the kitchen for some time after brewing.


The Roast/Beans in this Coffee:

Harry & David is made with 100% arabica beans. The origins are not mentioned anywhere on the package so this is likely a blend. Arabica has a natural sweetness and blends nicely with the nutty hazelnut flavor.


The Caffeine Content:

Typical of Arabica coffees, this will have an average amount of caffeine. Brewing using a Keurig machine will often yield a lower caffeine total compared to standard coffee brewing methods. Likely this will be around 60-80mg of caffeine per 8 ounce mug.


How We Suggest Brewing this coffee:

For optimal flavoring when brewing with a Keurig K-Cup machine or any single serve style machine, we suggest using the 8 ounce cup setting. For brewers with temperature settings, the higher temperature seems to produce a better flavor and aroma.


Packaging (Quality of Cups):

These cups are not made by Keurig and therefore are only K-Cup brewer compatible. We did find that one pod allowed some grounds into the mug (we brewed using 3 cups). This is usually not a big deal but is typical of off brand single serve cups.

Where to Buy This Coffee Online:

You can find most Harry & David Coffee flavors on amazon or you can also shop below:

Meadow Ridge Coffee: Shop All Harry & David


Overall Coffee Rankings (1-10)

  • Flavor: 7
  • Aroma: 7
  • Roast/Beans: 6
  • Caffeine Punch: 3
  • Packaging: 7
  • Overall Average: 6.2

Overall this is a decent quality single serve coffee option. It may not knock your taste buds into a frenzy but also will not taste like brown sadness water.


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