Reviewed: Bones Coffee French Toast Flavored Ground Coffee

Reviewed: Bones Coffee French Toast Flavored Ground Coffee

Sean Gregory
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bones coffee french toast flavor review


Bones Coffee, based out of Cape Coral Florida, is well known for their specialty coffee flavors and monthly stoneware coffee mug releases. A quick glance at their site will show a bunch of unique flavors with catchy names and bag designs.

They claim to offer fresh roasted coffee produced in small batches. Since we can;t see inside their facility all we can do is sample and find out.

Today we tasted and reviewed their French Toast flavored ground coffee option.

The Flavor Profile of Bones French Toast Coffee:

With a ton of 4-5 star reviews across the internet we expected this flavor to wow us. Did it? Almost. The flavor is actually pretty close to french toast. Many other brands have hit burnt toast, burnt rubber and some sort of flavor we can't describe when trying to mimic french toast in a cup.

This actually reminded us of the leftover milk at the bottom of a bowl of Cinnamon Toast crunch. As a kid, this was the best part. However, unlike the sugar bomb at the end of the bowl, this coffee provides a subtle cinnamon and vanilla flavor without packing on calories.

While their website description says a buttery flavor, this wasnt present at least when tasting. However, is this really a flavor profile anyone is really looking for in their coffee anyway?


How is The Aroma?:

This is where this coffee stood out. The aroma is pretty close to that smell your kitchen has after mom finishes making her famous french toast. The hints of cinnamon and maple syrup were noticeable once the hot water hit the coffee grounds. This may actually make you crave the real thing.


The Roast/Beans in this Coffee:

Bones coffee states they use 100% Arabica beans from Brazil. From what we could tell, this is true as the arabica sweetness blended nicely with the French Toast profile. Many flavored coffee's are made using a cheaper robusta since the flavor often hides the bitterness. However Bones sticks with the higher quality bean and provides a smooth medium roast.


The Caffeine Content:

This coffee has your standard caffeine level found in almost all grocery store coffees as the arabica blend limits the level of caffeine. Expect somewhere between 80-120mg of caffeine per cup.


How We Suggest Brewing this coffee:

The grind of this coffee is better suited for drip brewers along the lines of a Mr. Coffee. However, we brewed used an AeroPress Brewer and found the grind level was suitable and produced a quality flavor without much bitterness. For full flavor extraction we always suggest using a pour over method of brewing.

Good news is they also have K-Cups and Whole Bean available if ground coffee is not your style.


Packaging (Style or Bags Used):

Bones coffee has some of the best bag designs on the market and uses a nice resealable bag to help maintain freshness. The bag has an actual closure and not just the folded top and tie strap.


Where to Buy Bones French Toast Coffee Online:

You can find the French Toast Flavor and other Bones Coffee options on Amazon.

While Meadow Ridge does not stock this flavor, we do have some comparable options:

  • Meadow Ride Coffee's Maple French Toast K Cups


Overall Coffee Score Rating
Flavor 8
Aroma 9
Roast/Beans 7
Caffeine Punch 3
Packaging 10
Overall Average: 7.4


    • Really good flavor and aroma from this coffee. 
    • High Quality arabica beans are used and coffee is roasted before shipping
    • Enough flavor present to avoid using creamer if you enjoy a nice black coffee. 


    • Can be a little too sweet for the unsuspecting.
    • Pricey for a 12 ounce bag but this is common with specialty small batch


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