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Cuisinart SS-10 Single Serve Premium Coffee Brewer Review

Cuisinart SS-10 Single Serve Premium Coffee Brewer Review

Sean Gregory
8 minute read

Every morning, millions rely on their machines to brew up the perfect cup of Joe—and while there are tons of options out there for this purpose, not all of them are created equal. The market is flooded with choices that seem attractive at first but quickly fall apart after closer inspection.

How do we choose which one will be best for us? After hours of research into different models, we found that Cuisinart SS-10 Premium 72-Ounce Single-Serve Coffee Brewer is a perfect fit for those who want something that's easy to use but still offers a lot of flexibility and customization options.

Further boasting a programmable backlit display and five brew sizes, this model has everything you need in a coffee maker without any of the unnecessary bells and whistles that might confuse first-time users.


Our Meadow Ridge Coffee team gives the Cuisinart Premium SS-10 a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Below we will explain why we ranked it so high and what prevented the Cuisinart SS-10 from the perfect 5 out of 5 score. 

Cuisinart SS-10 Brewer Features

  • Model Name: Cuisinart Premium SS-10P1
  • Water Reservoir: 72 ounces
  • Brewing Cup Sizes: 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 
  • Display: Backlit display with several programmable options and 24 hour clock. 
  • Controls: Button controls for brew strength and size.
  • Energy Saver Auto On/Off: Yes
  • High Altitude Setting: No
  • Strong Brew Option: Yes
  • Removable Water Reservoir: Yes
  • Water Filter Add On: Yes
  • Dimensions: 13.0"W x 14.8"L x 16.4″H and 9.6lbs. 


Cuisinart SS10 Brew Quality: 4/5

  • Brew Quality: The Cuisinart SS10 Single Serve Brewer follows the trend of most home brewers in 2022. The brewing quality is pretty good but still falls behind manual brewing methods. We did find using the reusable HomeBarista Cup (included) allowed us to increase our brewing strength and flavor. Unlike Keurig models which use a needle, the Cuisinart SS10 has a plastic blunter which does not always properly puncture the lid (especially on off brands of K cups)
  • Brew Speed: The manufacture states the Cuisinart SS10 is one of the fastest brewing machines on the market. We found that although it does brew in under 60 seconds, it falls behind many other models, like the Keurig K Elite. However, if you can survive the extra 4-8 second wait, this brewer is perfectly fast. 
  • Brewing Temperature: The Cuisinart SS10 does feature an easily adjustable temperature range but we did find this model does not get as hot as some. If you like scalding hot coffee, this won’t be the brewer for you. For the rest who enjoy extra hot but not surface of the sun, this model will brew a hot enough cup. We found the extra hot range to be between 190-1912°F. 
  • Strong Brew: If you prefer stronger coffee or are using extra caffeinated K-Cups, you can up the brew strength at the simple push of a button on this brewer.

Cuisinart SS-10 Special Features: 4/5

  • Multiple Cup Sizes: The SS-10 allows you to brew 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz cups. The smaller 4oz brew size is perfect for those who like espresso style shots or a quick pick me up. 
  • Hot Water: The Cuisinart SS10 has a hot water option which is ideal for those who like to make hot cocoa or tea with their single serve brewer. It also allows for a quick rinse between brews so your next cup doesn’t taste like your last. 
  • Energy Saver: Programmable on and off feature helps conserve energy between use. We like how fast this machine is ready to brew if you use the side button to turn the machine on and off. 
  • Maintenance Reminder: The machine will remind you when it is time to descale your brewer (Clean) with a little icon on the LCD screen. We suggest cleaning every 3-6 months depending on the volume of use. 
  • Iced Or Hot Coffee: The SS10 does not feature an option for iced coffee brewing.
  • Quiet Brewing: The SS10 is louder than several Keurig models but it is still pretty quiet for a machine that has to heat water and pump it through cups. 
  • Extreme K Cup Compatibility: The Cuisinart SS10 accepts all single serve pods from non Keurig brands (excluding Nespresso Pods) as well as all Keurig K Cups. So you expand to the millions of flavors now available. 

  • Reusable Home Barista Cup: The SS10 comes with a reusable single serve cup which allows you to use ground or whole bean coffee (after grinding or course). Great if your favorite brand does not offer K Cups. This machine even has a storage compartment on the side so you won’t risk losing the attachment in the kitchen clutter. 


Water Reservoir: 4/5

  • Medium Size: The SS10 features a large sized water reservoir at 72 ounces. For home brewers, this is one of the largest available. Second to the Keurig K-Elite’s 75 ounce reservoir. 
  • Removable Side Location: The side location is much easier to refill and access compared to the smaller brewers and their top or back location. The removable feature allows for easy refilling from the sink or fridge without the need to fill up cups.
  • Filter: The SS10 comes with a charcoal filter attachment. We always suggest filtering water as this helps prevent the clogging of internal parts. 

If you do not want to risk clogging your brewer over time we suggest using filtered water from a Brita, your fridge, or distilled water.


Cuisinart SS10 PROS:

  • Brews a full cup in under 60 seconds.
  • One of the largest water reservoirs at 72 ounces. 
  • Energy saving options with an auto on/off feature and programmable up to 24 hours. 

  • Brew a stronger cup of coffee with a simple press of a button. 
  • Quick heating when turned on and between brews. 

  • Customizable temperature settings. 
    • Cuisinart offers a limit 3-year warranty on their brewers. 

    • Compatible with all single serve cups. 

    • Can brew travel mugs up to 7.5” by removing the drip tray. 


    Cuisinart SS10 CONS: 

    • A little too much plastic in the design including the “needle” or blunter. 

    • Sometimes has issues piercing the cup of the cups. 
    • The extra hot setting is not as hot as some other brewers. 

    • Very short power chord for reasons unknown and the machine is a little bulkier than some. 


    Who This Brewer Is Ideal For?

    The SS10 is ideal for those who want a brewer which offers the ability to customize your brew. Offering various brewing temperatures, 6 cup sizes and programmable on and off makes this brewer perfect for the household or office with varying coffee preferences. The large reservoir can brew five 12oz cups per fill.

    The blue backlit LCD display and control panel competes with any single serve brewer as many only have buttons. We found the display had all of the desired options in a very easy configuration. 

    The included reusable cup is a great option for reducing plastic waste. 

    Who This Brewer is Not Ideal For?

    Anyone who likes extremely hot coffee as the maximum temperature was roughly 120 degrees. While not overly large, the SS10 does take up more counter space than other single serve coffee brewers. 

    With the limited ability to brew larger sizes this is not ideal for high-volume offices or for brewing pots as it does not include a carafe. 

    Where To Buy?


    Final Thoughts:

    As far as single serve brewers go, the Cuisinart SS10 is an effective brewer with added bells and whistles which will fit nicely in any kitchen and brews an enjoyable cup of coffee at a simple push of a button.

    Cuisinart is a staple in the home kitchen appliance industry and this attempt at a single serve brewer does not fall short. Plus they are a 3 year limited warranty which is longer than Keurig’s 1 year. 

    We take our coffee seriously and you should too considering how the quality of the brew can make or break your morning. Compare a variety of Single serve coffee brewers as we help you find the best fit for your kitchen and personal needs.


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