How Much Caffeine Is In Black Insomnia Extreme Caffeine Coffee

How Much Caffeine Is In Black Insomnia Extreme Caffeine Coffee

Sean Gregory
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Black Insomnia Coffee, one of many claiming to be the world’s strongest coffee, has 92 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce of brewed coffee or 1105 mg in a standard 12 oz coffee mug.

Labeled now as Extreme Caffeine Black Insomnia is one of the actual strongest coffee's in the world. Their classic and dark roast both have the same amount of caffeine per cup.

Black Insomnia started in South Africa before relocating in the United States and now is available across at least 10 countries worldwide.

Is Black Insomnia Coffee Caffeine Content Considered High?

At 1105 mg per cup Black Insomnia Coffee’s caffeine content is considered to be extremely high. We would suggest anyone looking to try this coffee first make sure you know your caffeine tolerance and brew a smaller amount to test at first. This is not a coffee designed for multiple cups of coffee.


 Serving Size Caffeine (MG) Sugar (G)
8 oz Cup 736 0
12 oz Cup 1105 0


Factors which can change caffeine content include:

  • Amount of water used
  • Amount of coffee grounds used
  • Brewing Method: Pour Over, Drip, AeroPress
  • The volume of coffee brewed.

Comparison to other drinks

Average Caffeine Content MG of Caffeine
Black Insomnia Coffee 1105
Banned Coffee 474
Bang Energy 300
Coca-Cola 32

Is Black Insomnia Coffee's Caffeine Content Safe?

The FDA currently suggest that healthy adults keep their daily caffeine consumption to about 400mg. This is a coffee designed for one power packed cup a day and should not be consumed in high volumes or without testing your caffeine tolerance over time.


 Where To Buy?

You Can Also Find Black Insomnia:


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