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How Much Caffeine Is There In Coca-Cola Classic?

How Much Caffeine Is There In Coca-Cola Classic?

Sean Gregory
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What is the caffeine content of Coca-Cola Classic?

Coca-Cola Classic (often refereed to as Coke), which is the pioneer of the carbonated cola industry, has 2.83 mg of caffeine per ounce and a total of 34 mg of caffeine in a 12 ounce can.

Created in the late 19th century Coca-Cola Classic gets it's name from the extraction of Coca leaves used in the recipe. While only a select few know the carefully guarded recipe it has been rumored that the original Coca-Cola contain minor amounts of cocaine from the Coca Leaf.

Even if this rumor was true the present day formula does not contain any as the coca leaves are carefully processed in New Jersey by the only manufacturing plant authorized by the federal government to import and process coca leaves, which it obtains from Peru and Bolivia.

 Serving Size Caffeine (MG) Sugar (G)
12 oz Can 34 39

Is Coca-Cola Classic's Caffeine Content Considered High?

At just 34 mg of caffeine per 12 ounce can the caffeine content of Coca-Cola Classic is considered to be low compared to other caffeinated beverages on the market. Some of the buzz you may experience from a can of Coke will be from the 39 grams of sugar added in.


Ingredients In Coca-Cola Classic:

Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Caramel Color, Phosphoric Acid, Natural Flavors, Caffeine.


Comparison to other drinks

Average Caffeine Content MG of Caffeine
Black Insomnia Coffee 1105
Bang Energy 300
Coca-Cola Classic 34
Sprite 0

Is Coca Cola Classic's Sugar Content Considered High?

According to Heart.org, the average adult should consume no more than 30-40 grams of sugar per day. Since Coke has 34 grams in just one can, drinking more than one a day is not considered a healthy option and can lead to weight gain and other sugar related health issues.

One can of Coke also has 140 calories.

Other Coca-Cola Varieties

  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
  • Coca-Cola Creations
  • Coca-Cola Flavors
  • Coca-Cola Energy Drink
  • Coca-Cola With Coffee


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