What Is A Breve Coffee? An Americano Latte Drink - Cream + Espresso

What Is A Breve Coffee? An Americano Latte Drink - Cream + Espresso

Sean Gregory
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What is a Breve Coffee?

The word "Breve" in Italian means short and is derived from the Latin word "Bravis." This is the name given to a latte made with half and half. This is because half-and-half does not rise as much as low-fat milk. When steamed, low-fat milk can practically double in height. Basically, if you use the same amount of low-fat milk and half-and-half, the drink produced with half-and-half will be significantly shorter after steaming.  

This drink is mostly found in the United States. It is not as well-known as many other espresso beverages. This is probably due to the high-fat content found in a Breve. A 16-ounce breve coffee can be more than 600 calories! This is mostly due to the higher fat content in the half and half milk. A similar size drink made with skim milk would have roughly 150 calories.

So did you know you can actually steam and froth non dairy or part dairy milk?


Let's take a Closer Look at What a Breve is...

Breve is a coffee drink that combines espresso, steamed half-and-half, and froth. Most restaurants will make you a latte with half-and-half if you ask for a Breve coffee. That means the proportions are identical to a latte, with far more half-and-half than foam. Since, as we have talked about above, it doesn't foam up as much as low-fat milk. 

However, you can add richness to any espresso drink by substituting half-and-half for milk. You may order a half-and-half cappuccino, which would be nearly equal parts foam, half and half, and espresso. You might also go for a luxurious beverage like a vanilla caramel mocha breve coffee. However, please do not try this if you want to lose weight!

Take note that a drink with a higher fat level will be much sweeter than one with lower fat content. You might discover that you don't need the extra sweetener you usually get. Of course, you can still get a flavor added if you desire. Vanilla seems to go particularly nicely with half-and-half. But it all comes down to personal preference.


Difference Between A Latte And A Breve

The main distinction between a Breve and a latte is the type of dairy used. Basically, a cafe Breve is just a latte made with half-and-half instead of milk.

Again, the term "Breve" can be added to nearly any espresso drink. When used alone, though, it usually refers to a drink containing a shot or two of espresso, eight to fifteen ounces of half-and-half, and a thin coating of foam on top.

Most people tend not to order a Breve as it is far richer in flavor than other options. It usually contains far more calories as well due to the higher fat content. But, if you want to try a delightful coffee drink different from the average drinks menu, you should try Breve. This drink is very enjoyable for many but certainly isn't something you want to drink daily, as it will add to the waistline. However, as with any treat, you can enjoy it occasionally without worry. If you know how to make a Latte, it is basically the same recipe with the low fat, skim, or 2% milk swapped out for half and half.


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