7 Indulgent Chocolate Coffees That Are Practically Desserts

7 Indulgent Chocolate Coffees That Are Practically Desserts

Jake Bonneman
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Are you tired of the same old coffee every morning? If you're looking for a little something extra in your cup, check out these indulgent chocolate coffees that are practically a warm dessert in a cup!

From rich and creamy to fruity and decadent, these chocolate coffees will both satisfy your sweet tooth and give you the energy you need to power through your day. It's like two birds with one stone, except way tastier!

Here are some of the most indulgent chocolate-flavored coffees you'll find. No coffee cake required. (But you're welcome to have some anyway. Actually—why not have a piece of vanilla rum cake instead?)

Cella's Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee by Two Rivers Coffee

If you don't like chocolate and cherries, we can't be friends. This rich, chocolatey coffee is flavored with sweet, juicy cherries for a delicious treat that's perfect for waking you up and satisfying your chocolate cravings. Sure, Cella's Chocolate-covered Cherries evoke the holidays, but we say you can drink this coffee any time of the year. And you don't even need to feel guilty about it, because it's just coffee… right?

Two Rivers also makes Cella's Chocolate Cherry Coffee K-Cups, so you can enjoy this decadent coffee in single servings rather than making a full pot. Just pop one in your Keurig and enjoy!

Andes Mint Chocolate Flavored Coffee by Two Rivers Coffee

You know those little mint chocolate bars that are impossible to eat just one of? Andes Mint Chocolate Coffee tastes like those, only in beverage form. It's rich and chocolatey with a refreshing mint flavor that will leave you feeling satisfied. And since it's coffee, you can indulge with less guilt than you would if you were eating an entire bag of tiny mint chocolate bars.

Want this coffee in K-cup form? Not to worry, Two Rivers has you covered. Andes Mint Chocolate Flavored Coffee K-Cups are also available, so you can enjoy a single serving of this delicious coffee without having to make a whole pot.

Harry & David "Chocolate Cherry Decadence" Flavored Coffee

This coffee is equal parts rich, chocolatey, and cherry-flavored, and we are here for it. If you're looking for a real indulgence, this is the coffee for you. It's basically a warm chocolate cherry dessert in a cup. You may be thinking "you already mentioned a chocolate cherry coffee at the beginning of the list, what's so special about this one?" and we're glad you asked. This coffee is made with Harry & David's premium beans, expertly roasted with care, and quickly air-cooled to maintain flavor and prevent bitterness. So basically, it's the good stuff.

Plus, since when would anyone complain about "too much" chocolate and cherries?

Entenmann's Chocolate Donut Flavored Coffee

Move over, Donut Shop Blend. There's a new coffee flavor in town. This rich and chocolatey coffee tastes just like Entenmann's famous Chocolate Donuts, and we're not mad about it. The best part is, you can enjoy this coffee without all the calories that come with eating an entire box of donuts. (And you really can’t beat the price, either!)

Entenmann's also makes some other decadent dessert and breakfast-pastry-inspired coffees, like their Coconut Cream Flavored Coffee (delicious), Maple Pecan Flavored Coffee (delightful), and Chestnut Praline Flavored Coffee (delectable). So if you're looking for a coffee that tastes like dessert, Entenmann's has you covered. Entenmann's may be a classic East coast brand, but we hear you can drink this coffee on any coast, or even if you're not on a coast at all.

Harry & David "Chocolate Raspberry" Flavored Coffee

Harry & David's Chocolate Raspberry coffee is like a grown-up version of a chocolate raspberry truffle. (Darn kids and their truffles!) It's rich, chocolatey, and subtly flavored with tart raspberries—but with just the right amount of sweetness. It's the perfect coffee to indulge in when you're feeling fancy. Or when you just need a little something sweet to energize you and get you through the day.

And like all of Harry & David’s coffees, this one is made with premium beans that are roasted with care and quickly air-cooled to preserve flavor and prevent bitterness. So you know it's going to be good.

Moose Munch Milk Chocolate Caramel & Peanut Butter Chocolate Coffee (Variety Pack)

Inspired by the gourmet popcorn treat of the same name, this “Moose Munch” Milk Chocolate Caramel & Peanut Butter Chocolate coffee variety pack is a dream come true for chocolate caramel and chocolate peanut butter fans alike! (Which we're pretty sure covers everyone.)

This variety pack comes with two candy-flavored coffees—both of which include chocolate. The result is two rich and decadent coffees that are perfect for satisfying your Snickers and Reese’s peanut butter cup cravings.

Plus, since you get two bags of coffee, you can share with a friend. Or not. Harry & David also make several other Moose Munch flavored coffees, including Moose Munch K-Cups! We recommend their Dark Chocolate Candy Caramel Moose Munch Coffee K-Cups—or click here to see all the Moose Munch coffee flavors we carry!

Buy Chocolate Flavored Coffee Here at Meadow Ridge

These are just a few of the indulgent coffees you can find here at Meadow Ridge Coffee. If you're looking for a ground or whole bean coffee that tastes as good as dessert, there are plenty of options here to choose from. And, since most of them are also offered as single-serve K-cups for Keurig brewers, you can enjoy a rich, decadent cup of coffee without having to make a whole pot.

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So go ahead and indulge in these chocolate flavored coffees—because life is too short to drink boring joe.

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