What Is An Americano? - Also Called A Cafe Americano

What Is An Americano? - Also Called A Cafe Americano

Sean Gregory
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The Americano (or Caffé Americano if you're fancy) is a popular drink on the menus of most good coffee houses. You might be shocked to learn that the Americano has been around for a long time. In fact, it is a favorite among serious coffee enthusiasts. But, what exactly is an Americano coffee? We'll walk you through everything you need to know about an Americano, including what it is, where it originated, why it differs from normal coffee, and how to make one. 

Taking a Closer Look at What an Americano Coffee Is

An Americano is an espresso that has been diluted with water. It's not exactly that straightforward, but it's the basic idea. It is important to understand that an Americano is not a brewing process but the name of a coffee drink.

The secret to an Americano is that it begins with espresso and takes on the espresso's flavors and fragrances but with a less intense taste. We'll give you a more specific recipe later, but that's a general idea. For the time being, keep in mind that the espresso shot comes first, followed by the hot water. There is a process to it, which we, again, will go into more detail shortly.

What Distinguishes an Americano from a Shot of Espresso?

Coffee brewing is the process of exposing ground coffee to water in order to extract the tasty components from espresso beans. Water is poured over the grounds in the case of filter or drip coffee, and gravity is utilized to extract the coffee. Typically during this process, some sort of machine is utilized. The grounds are immersed in water in the case of French Press or cold brew. In both cases, the grounds are exposed to water. But in the case of the Americano, the water is added to an espresso shot. This results in a completely distinct flavor.

Remember that espresso pushes a small volume of water under pressure through fine grounds. This results in a rapid extraction with little contact between the water and the grounds. This preserves more of the flavor in the components. Because it begins with a shot of espresso, and Americana has a distinct flavor.

How Do You Make An Americano?

To create an Americano, you will begin with two espresso shots and some boiling water. The espresso shots are first added to the mug, and then about 5 oz of boiling water will be poured on top. Let's take a closer look at the process.

A fantastic Americano can be created with a single shot, but we prefer the punch and depth that comes from two shots. You can get a double shot if you use a pod machine. Pour the espresso carefully into your mug, taking care not to disrupt the crema too much. Next, pour in five or six ounces of boiling water slowly. Pour slowly so that the crema does not completely dissolve in the water. Take pleasure in your Americano!

When you want an americano, you no longer have to spend a fortune at your neighborhood coffee shop! Yes, it is that easy!

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