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Can You Drink Coffee While On A Keto Diet?

So you decided to loose some weight before the summer hits and started a Keto Diet. Congrats! I think.....

After a few hours on google searching for everything you are no longer allowed to drink and tossing the rest into the trash you realized the only drink left in the fridge is water. All beverages with any flavor are now gone. Yes, even the beer and wine.

The Keto diet requires a lot of self control. A lot. Way more than any of us can claim to have. (See the pile of coffee cups in the trash)

While following Keto, you will have to remove some of your favorite foods from your diet while adding more of others. Focusing on high fat, low carb, no sugar and pretty much anything that includes bread.

Some will find this really easy but for most of us who crave sweets this will create a huge challenge and often is the main reason Keto dieters reach for a sugary drink.

The good news is black coffee does not contain any sugars, carbs or bread. Yes it's the one thing brad hasn't touched, yet.

However, is Black Coffee Keto?

Is Coffee Keto?

How Coffee Affects a Keto Diet

According to Healthline, coffee contains caffeine (All about caffeine), a stimulant which helps the body burn fat. It will encourage the release of fat from fat cells. Making it easier to burn once you add some physical activity in.

Caffeine in coffee is also believed to cause the body to burn carbs and sugars instead of fats and ketones. So this is bad, right? Well the final results are not in as studies on this are still new but the belief is this process is rather quick, and only a short term blood sugar increase will happen.

Likely so short term that it will not kick your body out of Ketosis. Good news! Drink Up!


Is Black Coffee Actually Keto?

Black Coffee without any additives like sugar, creamers and flavorings only has 2 calories and 0 carbs. It does not contain any sugars either.

This puts it on the keto "friendly" list but does not make coffee Keto itself as it doesn't contain any fats required for your high fat Keto diet.


Best Ways to Make Your Coffee Keto

There are some great options available to make our coffee Keto. Here are some ideas:

  • Add Some Heavy Cream to your Cup

Heavy Cream can add some sweetness and flavor to your coffee while upping you fat intake. Just 1 tbsp of heavy cream contains 2.9g of fats. There is some sugar in heavy cream so we suggest not going overboard.


  • Add Some Butter and/or MCT Oil

Unless you've been hiding under a rock your whole life, you've likely heard the term "Bulletproof Coffee".

MCT Oil doesn't add any flavoring and is odorless so you can enjoy without altering the quality of your cup.

According to a Healthline article, MCT Oil can increase energy, improve brain focus and even help burn fat.

Adding butter will increase the fat content of your coffee as just 1 tablespoon of butter has 12 grams of fat while adding 0 carbs to your coffee.


  • Use Keto Creamer Instead of Regular Creamers

Keto creamers can add some sweetness to your coffee without piling in sugar and carbs like most common grocery store flavored creamers. You can even avoid the bloating caused by regular dairy (especially those who are lactose intolerant) if you stick to creamers made from coconut or almond milk.

Delish offers a list their Top 14 Keto Creamers.


  • Enjoy Your Coffee Black with Creamer

While coffee does lack fats, it does contain chlorogenic acid which is a polyphenol antioxidant that may aid in weight loss.


  • Choose Natural Sweeteners Over Processed Sugar Sweeteners

Sugarless sweeteners have come a long way over the last few years. For those who need some sweetness to enjoy their morning coffee, make sure to select sweeteners which use natural sugar substitutes. Stevia and erythritol are plant based and a one teaspoon serving of erythritol has 0 calories and 0 grams of sugar.


As one of the worlds most commonly consumed commodity, coffee can fit in nicely with a Keto diet. Just limit your use of added sugars and you may even wind up seeing some caffeine induced weight loss over time.

So plug that brewer back in and enjoy your favorite addiction!


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