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Review of JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

JavaPresse Coffee Grinder Review
JavaPresse is well known for their specialty organic coffee lines. Since the company prides itself on higher quality coffee it is no surprise to see a high quality coffee grinder with their logo on it. At least this is what JavaPresse claims and what brand wouldn't claim this?
According to JavaPresse the manual grinder is built with a professional grade ceramic conical burr which is designed to extract the optimal flavor from your coffee beans. Higher quality coffee beans will typically come with a higher cost and having a grinder that will extract optimal flavor only makes sense.
You wouldn't buy a premium car and use regular gasoline right?
To keep it simple we beak down the Pros and Cons below.

The Pros of the JavaPresse Grinder:

  • Quality ceramic burr grinder.
  • Body is made from stainless steel and not plastic for long term life.
  • 15 different settings gives you the ability to find the perfect grind texture for each brewing method.
  • No batteries or plugins so you can use anywhere. Even while traveling.
  • The hand crank is designed for easy use. Minimal muscle power required.
  • Overall quite considering you are grinding.
  • Easy to clean after use.


The Cons of the JavaPresse Grinder:

  • The overall grind capacity is smaller then others but will do the trick.
  • Grinding larger amounts will take time due to its smaller capacity.
  • You will need to replace the burrs over time.
  • You have to physically use the grinder instead of using an electric powered grinder.


      What JavaPresse Claims Sets Their Grinder Apart From Others:

      • Doesn't "hack" beans like it's electric counterpart, often leaving chunky & inconsistent pieces in your grind.
      • Doesn't heat beans during the grinding process leaving minimal negative impact on flavor.
      • Tends to last longer than electric models due to it's minimalistic design and quality ceramic parts.
      • Let's you to grind only what you need instead of grinding a bunch of beans ahead of time.
      • Is much quieter than even the most quiet of electric grinders.


      Most Common Positive Reviews From Customers:

      • Brewer is light weight and very easy to use with minimal effort after delivery. No crazy assembly required.
      • Overall quality is sturdy and holds up to repeated use and handling.
      • The multiple settings makes it easy to grind different levels and is perfect for using with an AeroPress, Chemex, Pour Over and Drip Brewers.
      • Easily transported for use while camping, hiking or on vacation.
      • Top notch customer service responding to complaints and concerns.
      • Grind quality and level is consistent each time.


      Most Common Negative Reviews From Customers

      • Damaged brewer on delivery. (Customer service seems to make this right quickly).
      • The ceramic burrs will need replacing (However parts are relatively inexpensive to buy)
      • Smaller capacity means you will need more time to grind larger amounts.


       Final Thoughts:

      Overall we would recommend this manual grinder as the price point is great for a grinder you can use for years. You can check current price and see what others are saying on Amazon Here.

      If you are unsure whether a manual or electric grinder is right for you, read our article about the different types of grinders you can use.



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