Reviewed: Black Insomnia Coffee - Strongest Coffee in the World

Reviewed: Black Insomnia Coffee - Strongest Coffee in the World

Sean Gregory
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Their Website Claims: Black Insomnia claims to be the strongest coffee in the world. With 1105mg per caffeine they are for sure one of the top. We do find "Strongest Coffee in the World" has become more of a niche or type of coffee as a quick amazon search will show your 20 brands with the claim.

The Battle of the Strongest Coffee in the World

Black Insomnia Coffee Review
Flavor/roast of the Blend: Classic Roast Ground
Beans Used: 90% Robusta/10% Arabica
Brew Method Used: Traditional Coffee Pot & Espresso
Packaging: 16oz Custom Tin Can with resealable lid.
Reviewed By: The Coffee Cop (@coffeecopofficial on Instagram) 

The Coffee Review:


Today’s pick has me wired already, labeled as The World’s Strongest Coffee.

The website lists it as 4 times stronger, no bitterness, nutty aroma with notes of caramel and dark chocolate.

Right away you’ll be surprised at how smooth this coffee is for being labeled as The World’s Strongest Coffee. I was expecting bitter and extra strong however it’s very smooth and slightly bold.

I didn’t pick up on the nutty aroma this morning as it was brewing but the dark chocolate definitely is present as an after taste in this roast. I did taste a very subtle hint of caramel as I was first tasting a sip but it’s not anything that I would consider a flavored coffee.

This is more closer to a purists’ roast. Has that somewhat classic bold flavoring but provides 4 times the strength of your regular cup.

I switched it up a little bit and added in my heavy cream and, wait for it…Caramel Fudge Waffle Cone skinny syrup. This was an excellent choice for this coffee as added just a little bit of sweetness and brought out the caramel and chocolate flavors and added to them. This would be an awesome coffee to add in whatever flavoring you use and provide you with an extra boost for the day.

Or, if you like traditional black coffee that doesn’t bring all of these extra exotic flavors this is a good coffee that has those classic flavors of a bold coffee with the caramel and the dark chocolate.

This will be my go to coffee when I need an extra boost! Love the smoothness of it while providing all of that extra energy. Could even be used as a scoop in with whatever your favorite coffee is to help add a boost without taking from that flavor too much. I’ll have to give that a try, just replacing one scoop with this for an extra boost.

Where Can You Purchase?

  • Black Insomnia's Website: Shop Now
  • Amazon (Free Shipping for Prime Members): Shop Now
  • We do proudly stock Black Insomnia Coffee: Shop Now
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