Our Review of Old Salt Veteran Owned Coffee - Battleship Blend

Our Review of Old Salt Veteran Owned Coffee - Battleship Blend

Sean Gregory
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Old Salt Coffee was started by two Navy Veterans and their sons, a firefighter and a software engineer; all of whom love a good cup o' joe. Battleship Blend is a version of their Haze Grey which can be found in gift shops of the U.S.S. Missouri and New Jersey tour sites.

The Coffee Flavor:

Haze Grey Battleship blend has a subtle hint of dark chocolate mixed with the sweetness of brown sugar. When brewed black both flavors are subtle and not overwhelming. Unlike others who says "dark chocolate" as a better way to say "burnt", this blend does leave a hint of dark chocolate for your taste buds and finishes with a faint sweet brown sugar flavor.

The Coffee Aroma (Give Us the Smells):

Unlike many true flavored coffees Battleship Blend does not have a strong aroma matching the flavor profile. This does not mean the aroma is lacking as you will still catch a whiff of a high quality roasted coffee. 

The Roast/Beans Used:

Battleship Blend is a medium-dark roast. Like most with this roast profile it possesses a full bodied flavor. Available in ground and whole bean (we reviewed the ground). As for the beans used, the packaging does not state Arabica or Robusta. Old Salt's website states the beans are Colombian which leads us to believe either Arabica or a blend.

The Caffeine Level:

Not clearly stated anywhere on their site except that this coffee is their most caffeinated. We would not rank it on the most caffeinated list but there is definitely a little extra kick to be found when drinking a full sized cup.

How We Suggest Brewing This Coffee:

The grind of this coffee is pretty standard for what you find in grocery store coffee options. We brewed using an AeroPress Brewer and found the grind level was suitable and produced a quality flavor without much bitterness. A standard countertop drip brewer should do just fine.

Packing (Style of Bag Used):

Old Salt uses a common 12oz coffee bag with a tie strap glued to the bag. You can easily close those bag to preserve freshness using the strap.

The bag as a one way air valve which allows the gases that build up after brewing to escape. For the freshest possible coffee consider buying an air tight coffee container  

Where Can You Buy Online?:

You can find the Battleship Blend as well as all their flavors on the Old Salt Website or you can check out all of our Old Salt Coffee options. Click Here

Old Salt Coffee Haze Grey

Overall Rankings (1-10)

Flavor: 8

Aroma: 6

Roast/Beans: 6

Packaging: 8



  • Veteran owned and operated small company. 

  • Coffee is roasted to an level that avoids bitterness. Higher quality blend of beans. 


  • A little pricey for the size but worth it when supporting small brands. 

  • Overall lack of flavored options but the blends and roast levels are higher end. 


Some Of Our Favorite Reviews We've Found

"Full of flavor and body, the quality of the coffee is excellent! "

"With so many coffee companies popping up, you have so many options these days. But this coffee is now the anchor of my day. Consistent quality no matter who in the house makes it. It has full flavor, great notes, and it goes down smooth. Great coffee gentlemen."


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