Reviewed: Over Revved Coffee Co's No Regrets Medium Roast

Reviewed: Over Revved Coffee Co's No Regrets Medium Roast

Sean Gregory
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Over Revved Coffee Co. is a Veteran owned company. (Our Favorite Type)

Over revved coffee co review by Meadow ridge coffee

Their Website Claims: We live for freedom, loud pipes, and twisted throttles. We hope that you feel a sense of belonging and that the brotherhood/sisterhood of Over Revved reminds you that, you’re not alone and to keep doing all of the things that make you happy.

Instagram: @overrevvedcoffeeco
Flavor/roast of the Blend: No Regrets Medium roast
Beans Used: 100% Arabica Beans (Region not specified)
Brew Method Used: Traditional Coffee Pot & Espresso
Packaging: Standard 12oz coffee bag with a gas release valve and tie top closure.
Reviewed By: The Coffee Cop (@coffeecopofficial on Instagram) 


The Coffee Review:

With impending bad weather drawing close I wanted something that had a little bit more of a bold flavor. Something that felt like it was going to keep me up and alert. I chose Over Revved Coffee Co. and their No Regrets medium roast.

Not necessarily because it has more caffeine or anything of that nature but the name and the look of the bag just amped me up. Well done!

This roast is an excellent all-around medium roast that’s smooth tasting and is actually on the bold side. Not necessarily the medium-dark roast side just an overall bold tasting well rounded medium blend. The coffee tastes extremely fresh and has no bitterness to it. (See what makes coffee bitter)

You can taste hints of chocolate and slight hints of caramel. This would be characteristics of the Arabica beans used for this roast.

This is the exact roast that I would love to get when I order a house blend at a coffee shop. I want something flavorful and bold but not too dark. This medium roast provides that perfect balance of flavor and boldness.

I did make a double shot of espresso out of this and it was excellent. Very surprised with how well the flavors work as an espresso given the medium roast. I of course added my usual heavy cream and this nights skinny syrup was the Chocolate Caramel Truffle. I figured this would pair well with the notes already in the coffee and it did just that.

The boldness of the coffee still shined through even with the cream and sweetener which was very welcomed. The additional sweetener added just a little enhancement to the chocolate and caramel.

Overall this is an excellent medium roast that delivers a great balance between medium and bold while providing some softer notes of chocolate and caramel. The bag looks great and the coffee tastes great. Excellent job by Over Revved to make a medium roast that stands out.

Where Can You Purchase?

After checking around online at this time it looks like the brands website is the only purchase option available. Visit Their Website

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