Review of New Mexico Piñon Mexican Spiced Chocolate Coffee

Review of New Mexico Piñon Mexican Spiced Chocolate Coffee

Sean Gregory
3 minute read

New Mexico Piñon coffee is one of the largest roasters in all of New Mexico. While they are know for their unique coffee flavored with Piñon nuts, New Mexico Piñon also offers a range of flavored coffees.

What Is Pinon Coffee?

Today our staff reviewed their Mexican Spiced Chocolate flavor. 

The Flavor Profile:

New Mexico Pinons website describes this as having a milk chocolate favor with an added spice of cinnamon and a subtle undertone of vanilla. 

Well this is mostly what we found. As usual we tried this as black coffee. Right away you can taste the notes of chocolate. Almost at first sip which often times is not the case. We’ve tried our share which took several sips before the “ah there’s the flavor” moment wet in.  

As for the cinnamon spice? We would it to be very subtle but there. After your taste buds first sense the chocolate the secondary flavor is the cinnamon. This is a nice combination of flavors. If you are the type to add cinnamon to your coffee this will be perfect.

The vanilla? Well we did not sense any vanilla flavoring while enjoying this blend. Now it could be there and everyone will sense flavors differently but we just didn’t sense any. Not really a knock as the above flavors were perfectly fine.  


How is The Aroma?:

Some coffee has a great aroma and lacks flavor while others lack aroma and have a great flavor. While brewing we did not get as strong of an aroma from this blend as others. It was subtle at best but was still enjoyable.

We buy our coffee to drink not smell anyway, right?


The Roast/Beans in this Coffee:

This coffee is made with 100% arabica coffee. Since arabica beans tend to be sweeter, they blend in perfectly with the sweetness of the chocolate flavor.

We did find the medium roast label to be accurate and did not sense as much acidity compared to other arabica coffees.


The Caffeine Content:

This coffee has your standard caffeine level found in almost all grocery store coffees with a slight increase from the blend mentioned above. This will do the trick for a slight pick me up but will not compare to the stronger coffees on the market. Expect the caffeine content to be around the 120mg per 12oz cup.


How We Suggest Brewing this coffee:

The grind level is pretty standard for bagged ground coffee and is suitable for most brewer types. We brewed using the pour over method to extract the most flavor and found this hit the mark.

Make sure to bloom your grounds first to extract the ideal flavor. 


Packaging (Style or Bags Used):

We are a big fan of the simple bag design with the old school truck logo. Each bag comes with a standard bag tie to reseal for freshness. New Mexico Piñon offers these in both 12 ounce and 2 pound bags. 

Where to Buy This Coffee Online:

You can find this coffee on Amazon or you can check out all of their flavors on the New Mexico Pinon Coffee website.

We also proudly stock New Mexico Pinon Coffee: Click Here


Overall Coffee Rankings (1-10)

  • Flavor: 9
  • Aroma: 6
  • Roast/Beans: 8
  • Caffeine Punch: 3
  • Packaging: 9
  • Overall Average: 7


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